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Waste-free School Lunches: Join the Movement and Save $$!

How is this for an incentive: create a waste-free school lunch every day and save $250 per child!
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If you have two kids that is a $500 savings and essentially a free weekend away with your sweetie!  Four kids and your bank account will bulge with an extra $1000.  Hmmmm…what are all of the things you could do with an extra $1,000….

Okay, other than saving money, why should you care about making waste-free lunches?  How about these scary numbers:

The average  school-aged child generates  67 pounds of lunchbox trash per school year. With approximately 25 million American children carrying lunch to school five days a week that translates to 3.5 billion pounds of lunchbox garbageeachschool yearYIKES!

Just consider the innocuous napkin:  Americans use about 2,200 napkins a year, per person, on average six a day, most of which end up in the trash, many without even being used.  In addition to napkins being tossed,  plastic baggies, tin foil, milk cartons, straws, plastic silverware and general plastic packaging  all follow with a kerplunk right into the trash bin.  As our planet groans under the weight of our human-generated trash (did you know there is an island of trash floating in the Pacific oceanthat is twice the size of Texas?!), we need to re-evaluate our everyday habits. A waste-free lunch is an easy achievable goal that can be put into practice with only a little preparation, so ditch the disposables and show your kids you care about the planet and their future.

For more information about waste-free lunches, great lunchbox menu ideas and reusable kid-friendly containers please visit these websites:


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Non-profit organization promoting waste-free lunches.