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VO5 Hair Products

I love hair. I love to change my hair…a lot
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I love beauty products in general.  VO5 has some new products out and I gave them a go.  Here’s my break down..

What I got:

Here’s what I thought:

The shampoo, conditioner, and hot oil are okay.  There were no fabulous bells going off, no extra poof in my mane, no sensational smell.  They were products that were slightly ahead of some of the other retail products out there.  I do love to use Hot Oil therapies often and this one was overall a pretty average Hot Oil.  However, the simply stunning leave in conditioner may be my new bestie.  It has a very light fresh smell.  It helps comb through the nap that grows on top of my head.  My hair is very ‘textured’ to say the least.  If I don’t blow dry it straight…section, by section it’s a night mare of wayward curls and knots that could rival a scout camp.  The leave in conditioner by VO5  didn’t weigh my hair down or take from the coif I was trying to achieve.  I also want to mention that it worked well on my 9 year old daughter’s hair (rats do tend to nest in her head every night).  She enjoyed the smell and the ease of the comb going through.  She has very fine hair and I did find that if I used to much it looked a little greasy, but we’ve yet to find a product that we can use in excess on her tresses.  Over all I would say that VO5 has upped there game and are real contenders for the retail market.  All have improved since the last time I purchased their products.

Here’s what I’m rating them (stars 1-5–>>5 being the best):

VO5 Shampoo:  ***

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VO5 Conditioner:  ***

VO5 Hot Oil treatment:  ****

VO5 Simply Stunning Leave-in Conditioner:  ***** (I would personally recommend this product to my friends and I will continue to use it!)

VO5 provided me these products.  The opinions of these products are based on my actual use and are my own.


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