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JENNIFER’S JOURNEY: Life as a Mom at a Live-In Weight Loss Camp

Every week I resolve to “start tomorrow” to lose weight, exercise, be healthier and give up my beloved Diet Coke. Well that “tomorrow” never seemed to arrive until one night there came a turning point...

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So, the change in seasons brings changes in our mood, our eating habits, our workouts, our hair and our skin.

Farley Crop

A Life-Saving Dream

After learning, first hand, the priceless value of CPR education, Farley Boyle started, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness and education about CPR and Heimlich procedures.

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A Quick Phone Hack To Increase Gratitude In Your Life

This nightly ritual has been a HUGE happiness hack for me, and now I've got the science to prove it.

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Winter Health Events in Astoria

First of all, I have to apologize for my readers for being MIA for a few months.