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Tonsils and ADHD

Tonsils are a unique and sometimes pesky part of our bodies.
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When they become inflamed, they become a huge problem. In the case of our son, they were so bad they were pushing on his ear drums causing fluid to build up.  Poor little guy started to lose his hearing and it wasn’t until we went to his ear, nose and throat doctor that we discovered the issue.

He ended up having his tonsils out and having tubes put in his ears despite having tried to get him into his ENT once a year for his annual ear cleaning.  But, it is to be expected sometimes and at his age it isn’t uncommon.  I think it was actually more traumatic for me than it was for him!  It’s never easy seeing your child in pain and having to go through something like this. He was such a trooper.  Of all of the kids in the waiting area that day, he was the only one who wasn’t crying and was actually enjoying himself.

After his surgery at his post operation check up, his doctor had an article in his office that talked about a possibility of ADHD being cured when the tonsils were removed.  The common denominator in these cases were undiagnosed sleep disorders.  Our son had his adenoids removed 2 years ago, so his sleep was better and he had calmed down somewhat.  A WebMD article mentioned that only the night time behavior was evaluated instead of the daytime as well and that more studies would be needed.

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Only time will tell if my son’s ADHD will be “cured” or lessen with time, but if you have a child that snores, is extremely hyper, inattentive and is extremely tired then you need to see a doctor.  Often, children who aren’t sleeping well will become increasingly more and more “crazy” in their behavior.  Learning disabilities often become a major issue because they aren’t sleeping.  If you are concerned about your child, see your pediatrician or an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.  If left undiagnosed, the child can often develop heart and other physical ailments due to lack of sleep.

This isn’t the cure all for children with ADHD but it might be a step in the right direction to figuring out what is causing some children to have the symptoms of ADHD.   It’s worth checking out and you never know how it might help your child in the long run.


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