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9 Reasons I'm Giving Up Tampons For Period Panties

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THINX period panties

Check out our Facebook Live video and the post below to get the skinny about your unmentionables . . . menstruation, tampons, period panties, menstrual cups, peeing your pants - all the things! Buckle up, this is going to get awkward - we've tried them all!

We need to talk about our periods more. I'm tired of it being so taboo, and so is THINX:

THINX period panties

When I reached out to them to try out their panties, they quickly obliged and sent not only a set for me, but a few pairs for some of our other editors to try!!

THINX panties

I'm going to add My 9 Reasons You NEEEEED to try THINX Panties:

1. They're just awesome

I gave them a FULL test run as soon as I could. I wore a pair on the first day of my period (normally 4-6 super tampons in an 8 hour time) and then layered light colored leggings over them (so I would KNOW if they leaked). I wore those panties for a full 8 hours and couldn't believe it-no leaks, no smell and did not feel at all like I was in a diaper. The fabric is thin and super absorbent!

2. They're better for your vagina

Tampons and pads have a surprising amount of chemicals and your vagina is made up of mucous membrane, meaning much of those chemicals are easily absorbed into your body. Ew. Using alternative methods for managing your period like THINX panties is an excellent way to avoid those chemicals! I've also heard many reports of women no longer suffering cramps or repeated vaginal infections after getting away from tampons specifically.

3. Free-bleeding can shorten your period

I know, this is all starting to sound too good to be true. But it's not-it's all true! Wearing these period panties consistently shortened my period by at least 1 day! Allowing all of the fluid to exit your body instead of trying to plug up the hole makes a big difference.

THINX panties

4. You're saving the planet

If you consider the waste that is created by ruined panties, pads, tampons and's a lot. Using these panties reduces all of that waste! I've now used mine for a few cycles and by following the washing instructions they still look and function like brand-new!

5. They'll save you money

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I posed the question on FB wondering what questions my lady friends had about THINX panties. The biggest response I received was inquiries about the price. After adding it all up, however, these panties save you quite a bit of money over time. No more buying pads or tampons, no more ruining panties and buying new ones, and if they successfully reduce your cramps-no more midol!

6. Postpartum!!!

How great are these for postpartum!? That idea got me more excited than anything. During a time when you only have the option to wear pads and diapers you can slip into a pair of these silky soft, thin undies instead! I love knowing I won't have to deal with re-positioning pads and mesh panties next baby!

THINX panties

7. They have several different styles

I loved getting to try all of the different styles-I'm traditionally more of a hiphugger girl when I wear panties and I was surprised how much I loved the high-waisted style. They even have a thong that holds up to half a tampons worth of fluid (I tried it and was completely blown away).

8. They are comfortable

The first time I put them on, I was surprised at how soft and comfortable they were. I was sort of expecting part of the mechanics of these panties to be constricting —think about those plastic pants for kids you have to put over swim diapers at the pool! A tiny part of me was expecting that feeling. Nope. Not only are they comfortable as a panty, but the absorbent area in the crotch wicks away the moisture so you don't feel soggy—AT ALL.

9. They give back

THINX isn't only out to help developed countries like the US, but to help out many under-developed countries as well. With every pair of panties sold they send funds to their partner organization, AFRIpads, which is on the ground in Uganda with 130 employees and four factories. AFRIpads trains women to sew and sell washable, reusable cloth pads, turning local women into entrepreneurs. Because of donations by THINX over 35,000 Ugandan girls have been able to return to school.

You can find THINX panties here, and their sister company ICON here.

Have you tried THINX or ICON panties before? What are your favorite alternatives to tampons/pads?? Comment below!

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