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The Doctor Weighs In

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“The Doctor Weighs In” features daily posts from the contributing “TDWI” Doctors along with a running link list of news stories related to “fat, fitness, health and longevity from a medical point of view.”

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April Featured Blogs: The Doctor Weighs In & The Healthcare Blog

This month the MamaVote project brings you resources on Healthcare, a topic that is top of mind for most families. Healthcare costs can be unexpected and expensive so we’ve selected two blogs to share that will keep you up to speed on health-related news and developments in America.

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My NAET Voo-Doo Witch Doctor

My 20-month-old daughter was allergic to nearly everything on the planet. We have no history of allergies in my family. NAET changed everything.

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Signs It Might Be Time to Have the Poop Talk with Your Doctor

This post is sponsored by Synergy Pharmaceuticals. The opinions and text are all mine.