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Summer – No Better Time to Get in Shape

Summer is definitely upon us! This is my favorite season.
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I love being outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather and sunshine. Weather like this opens up new opportunities for fitness adventures. I don’t know about you, but after working out indoors all winter long, my workouts can become monotonous. Changing things up by taking it outdoors can awaken the senses and renew that drive to stay or get fit.

Things like taking a walk, run or even going swimming can be a great change of pace. Doing yoga outdoors can really invigorate you.  Utah is full of great hiking spots.  Don’t know of any?  You can visit for a comprehensive list of hiking trails all over the state, including maps, pictures and important information.  It’s even grouped by area, so if you’re headed to a certain part of the state, you can find all your hiking options in one spot!

If you are member at a gym, check to see if they move any of their classes outdoors in spring and summer. I recently started taking a Boot Camp class that is taught outdoors at a park. What a great class for an active mommy! My kids play at the park and are in my sight the entire time; I get to workout hard and actually burned over 1,000 calories at my first class; plus we are all soaking up some much needed vitamin D. (A Boot Camp class works muscles you didn’t even know you had. I was sore for three days!)

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I was a little worried that with the kids out of school it would be more difficult to get a workout in.  But, I’m learning to get my kids involved.  It makes me feel good to be an example of healthy living to them.  And, they love it as much as I do!  Things like parking further away from our destination and walking the rest of the way are becoming part of our routine.  And, they have started asking to go on evening walks, so I guess my love for fitness is rubbing off.

Remember to give yourself some credit for the activities you and your family enjoy during the summer.  You would be surprised how many calories you burn walking around the Tracy Aviary or Hogle Zoo for two or three hours.  Swimming with the kids is another great calorie burner.

Whatever you choose to do outdoors this summer, make sure you’re using your sunblock and drinking extra water.  If you’re working out in the sunshine, bring twice the amount of water you’re used to drinking.  You’re body will burn it and you will need to replenish it to have a safe workout.

Enjoy your workouts and happy summer!


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