Stroller Strides Coming to York!

Stroller Strides Coming to York!
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I was browsing through the York County Community Education catalog that was delivered a few weeks ago and I noticed a class called Mommies on the Move.  It sounded really intriguing with exercise for moms while children weren’t shuttled to another room but were made into part of the class.  “What a great idea!” I thought to myself.

I know how hard it is for the moms out there with young children to find exercise that they can do while not feeling guilty about missing out on time with the kids.  So, I wanted to know more and emailed to be put in touch with the class instructor, Sara Day, to be able to share with all of you more details about what “Mommies on the Move” really is.  Sara was more than happy to share her passion for her business with me and I think it would be a great fit for any mom looking for a way to get out of the house with some exercise and no need for child care built in.

Sara explained that the class is actually called Stroller Strides and this company is brand new to the York area, although it is in 45 states already and there are other Pennsylvania locations.   While on maternity leave with her son, Sara started researching businesses to allow her to work from home.  Luckily, she caught a segment on WGAL about Stroller Strides as well as noticing a magazine advertisement.  She contacted the company and after talking to a franchise owner in Lancaster, and attending a class with her 8 week old son, she was hooked!  Her passion for the program is evident when you talk to her and she is really enthusiastic about all of the programs that will eventually be started in the York area.

Stroller Strides is the basic moms with children in the stroller class.  Any age child is welcomed but they must be able to stay in the stroller for the duration of an hour long class.  Classes are a mix of low impact cardio, core work using a mat or towel that the mother brings, toning using Stroller Strides provided exercise tubing and all around fun for moms.  Once a location is secured that can incorporate mornings, Sara would like to expand the business to include Mom’s Club, a playgroup that would meet immediately after the Stroller Strides class as well as offering Mom’s Night Out programs.  Another program is called Fit 4 Baby, a program for expectant mothers to keep active and fit throughout their pregnancy.  All program participants must have a doctor’s note to participate.

Equipment for the classes is simple. Other than an umbrella stroller, any stroller will do – umbrella strollers aren’t allowed because of the ease in which an older child could tip over if the mother was doing an exercise and not holding directly on to the stroller.  Even a double stroller could be used – “It would be more of a workout,” Sara says.  A mat or towel to do floor exercises and be dressed for moving, including athletic shoes.

If you’d like to register, you can contact Sara for more information through the Stroller Strides website or at

Stroller Strides really sounds like a great program to bring moms and their children out to meet and work out with other moms who completely understand what a struggle it can be to balance a mom’s needs with those of her family.  Thanks to Sara for bringing it to York and here’s hoping for lots of successful classes!