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Signs It’s Time to Dump Your Doctor

When you’re sick, it’s one thing to feel like a pile of something steamy and stinky.
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It’s another to feel that way and have the doctor say something like, “Hm, that’s weird…”  Bodies are definitely weird, but medicine in this day and age shouldn’t leave doctors — or us “simpleton” patients –nearly as stymied as we often are.  It’s time to grab the controls on your health.

Signs It’s Time to Dump Your Doctor

1.Every time you see the doctor, his solution is immediately to prescribe a pill.

2.He admits that the pill might not solve the problem, so come back in 1-2 weeks for another try and another pill.

3.She orders blood work, tells you everything is “normal,” and seems confounded beyond that.

4.You repeatedly see the doctor for the same problem and feel that she’s not trying to understand you or find a solution.

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5.You’re seeing different doctors who each treat a different system of the body…and none of them speak to one another or compare notes.

6.When you’re talking and the doctor interrupts you.  Real life example: “My health has been shaky ever since I had my second child…”  “Don’t blame your baby.”  “I wasn’t, I was just noting that something in my body shifted then.” “Well don’t blame your baby.”  Um.  Hm.  I’m done.

7.You call your ob/gyn and say you think you miscarried.  She says, “No you didn’t, your urine test was negative for pregnancy.”  Then she doesn’t want to see you for blood work or a follow-up.

8.After an extended, undiagnosed illness, you ask to have your [X] tested, and the doctor refuses.  Extra exiting points if you get the test and your hunch was correct so you now have a diagnosis thanks to your own darned self.

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9.She (or a staff member) doesn’t return phone calls within the same business day.

10.Your prescription doesn’t get called in — multiple times.  Extra exiting points if you call the office (during business hours) to ask that it be re-sent and they refuse until the next day.

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All of the above examples are just the tip of my health ice burg.

I finally found a primary care physician (PCP) with whom I feel comfortable and know she cares about her patients.  She’s an internal medicine doctor rather than a general physician, and I appreciate that difference for my needs.

I also see a naturalpathic doctor who is wonderful.  She looks at blood work with so much thoroughness and fits the body together like a puzzle rather than looking at each part separately.  She’s helped me trash multiple long-term prescriptions and is wonderful for finding the root of health problems and helping the body resume its natural capacities with remedies found in nature.

More and more I’m seeing “traditional” doctors who are trained in the same one-track mind manner and can’t diagnose anything out of those memorized paths.  If you see this in your healthcare provider, and sense in your body that something isn’t right, consider other options.

Osteopathic Medicine

Naturalpathic Medicine

How to Find the Right Doctor

Many thanks to the healthcare providers out there who still take time to review their patients’ entire history, listen to them, and consider all avenues to make them well.

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