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Science Says: Have Your Cake And . . . Fiber Too?

Science Says: Have Your Cake And . . . Fiber Too?
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Remember the good old days when a well-rounded diet consisted of meat, potatoes, bread slathered in butter, the occasional veggie, and a beautiful display-worthy cake every night for dessert? (Wait, was this the 1950s or a dream I had the other night…? Really hard to tell.

Either way, those dreams have been crushed as every diet in the book has risen to the surface over the years, each preaching a contradictory message to the last:

No meat! All meat! No starch! No carbs! Aaaaaaaall the carbs! No fat! All fat! How could anyone make sense of all the options?

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Thankfully, science is now telling us that we are free to have our cake, as long as we have some fiber, too.

Recent research done by the University of Georgia tells us that in tests conducted where each group was fed either a high-fiber diet, a high-fat diet, or a high-fat diet supplemented with fiber, the latter didn’t come out looking half bad. While the high-fiber diet group came out of the study with the best overall gut health, those that ate the high-fat diet supplemented with fiber had less weight gain and obesity than the solely high-fat dieters. The fiber supplements also helped decrease the size of fat cells, regulate blood sugar, and lower cholesterol.

I bet those bran flakes aren’t looking too bad right about now!

So, it looks like we can put the diet battle to rest at last as moderation in all things is probably our best bet. Especially since I am now justified in finishing off the ice cream tonight because I had a bowl of ultra-fibrous peas at dinner. Win.


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