Roni's Weigh

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Warm weather seems make us all want to be more fit (not surprising with all those swimsuits staring you down at the store) so we’re sharing an inspirational blog, Roni’s Weigh. Follow along as this Mom maintains a healthy lifestyle after losing over 60 pounds.


Debate: Are Elective C-sections Anyone's Business

"Yes," by Nola Hamilton: The most basic reason that it's my business that the rate of elective C-sections is rising is that I have a stake in other mothers' and other children's lives.... "No," by Marlee Ryson: I can no more imagine butting into another woman's birthing choices than I can imagine asking to borrow her diaphragm....


Daughters and Beauty

The day I caught my six-year-old daughter looking in disgust at her tummy rolls in the bathroom I knew it was time to start evaluating how to teach my daughters about beauty and self-image.