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Prenatal Yoga or Yoga for Anyone

I haven’t been able to run much, due to the lack of energy and the resulting shakes that happen right after.
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So, I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, which is good, because then I remember to breathe.  The best yoga dvd I’ve tried is Shiva Rae’s Prenatal Yoga.  It gets the circulation going properly, stretches things out so I don’t feel like my navel is turned inside out (yet) and gets rid of that ache in my tailbone.

The practice is broken down into five sections: the introduction by a lovely and serene-looking Shiva Rae (which I recommend listening to at least once), a 15 minute warm-up stretch, standing poses, floor poses and a relaxation and meditation at the end.

I do the warm-up most frequently, because 15 minutes is sometimes all I have between trying to capture the body and imagination of my preschooler and keeping up with the laundry.  If a brief respite has been negotiated, I do the warm-up, either the standing poses or the floor poses and then the meditation.  Note the times on each section and then you can zip around to different parts, depending on your time constraints.

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  • stretches 4:25
  • standing poses 19:12
  • floor poses 35:35
  • meditation 51:35

I’ve only ever done this DVD while pregnant, but it was a lifesaver at the end of my first pregnancy and is quickly proving to be the best route to comfort and flexibility while pregnant with twins.  The workout has two lovely and glowing pregnant women, Britta in blue and Poppy in green, who are in their second and third trimesters, respectively.  This makes it possible to follow their modifications, so that one does not permanently cripple oneself or go into premature labor.  Since I’m a dancer and required by my profession to be flexible, I never went so far in my first pregnancy as to modify with a chair, like third trimester-Poppy, but I can see the writing on the wall this time around and it says ‘You will be large.  Use the darn chair.’  Which is also a relief, because at least I’ll be able to do something when my proportions begin to surpass those of a full-size water buffalo.

Shiva Rae was also clever enough to add kegel exercises to the warm-up, mentioning their importance before, during and after labor.  And if you are wise enough to practice those at least daily, as well as during the video, you may not run into pregnancy-induced bladder issues.  Plus, you can do them even while writing articles on your computer.  (hee-hee)

Breathing, stretching and increasing flexibility are all so important, especially when pregnant, and yoga, on a handy, do-anytime-dvd is a wonderful way to include it all.


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