Popsicles for Breakfast?

This would be what my two kids, ages 7 & 4, said to me the other morning.
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It was repeated later that day by my husband, who was probably thinking “But you complain if I give them PopTarts.”

But yes, we had popsicles for breakfast the other morning and will probably continue to do so this summer.

It all started early one morning as I was digging through my freezer, looking for dinner options.  I discovered the last of a tray of popsicles we had made a few weeks back.  They were lovely pink popsicles, made of fresh raspberries, bananas & vanilla yogurt.

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These were all items that would easily show up on our breakfast table in a bowl or on a plate, so what difference did it make if they were frozen?  From a nutrition standpoint, it probably wasn’t much.  It’s fruit & yogurt, pretty standard breakfast fare.

But for my kids?  I was the cool Mommy who let them eat popsicles for breakfast!  The exact same food, frozen on a stick, was ten times better than food in a bowl.  Better yet, it’s healthy, just fruit & yogurt, so I had no problems handing them a second little popsicle later that day.  What parent couldn’t be happy with healthier treats?

Make your own!

You will need popsicle molds.  Ice cube trays and wooden sticks do in a pinch (I used those to make my daughter yogurt pops as a baby), but actual molds work better.  We found molds for $1 at Super Target that make 8 popsicles, I’ve seen others at various stores too.

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The sky is the limit with these!

Choose your fruit, cube it, puree it in the blender.

Add yogurt if you choose too, puree some more to mix well, vanilla or plain yogurt works best.

Pour into molds, insert tops & freeze for several hours, the longer the better.  If the tops pull out, leaving the popsicle in the mold, you’ll need to freeze for longer.

Serve any time, but we loved the novelty of popsicles for breakfast!

A few of our favorite combinations (we’ve noticed similar colors taste well together and pure fruit is naturally bright):

Strawberry & watermelon

Kiwi & honeydew

Raspberry, banana & vanilla yogurt

Mango & apricot

Pineapple & mango

Mixed berry (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry combinations)

Apricot & cantaloupe

Alternating strawberry puree, vanilla yogurt & blueberry puree for red, white & blue popsicles


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Popsicle Wrap-Up

I'm ready for summer. We've got the water table out and shorts stacked up in the drawer. So while I dream of the warm weather staying and not just teasing us for a day or two, let me share this wrap-up of all the popsicle fun I'm planning on having during the months to come.