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7 Things I Take Every Day

I've been refining my list of vitamins I take on a daily basis over the past few years. I've combined insight from some really smart doctors with my own trial and error. Here's the list of my favorites!

Peace on Earth AND a Cherry Red Convertible

I think it’s a shame that greed gets such a bad rap. I’m not even talking “seven deadly sin” kind of greed. Even simple, “how ‘bout a little something for me’ kind of thinking is frowned upon in our society. Why do we think that somehow people are more worthy of our esteem if they only wish for others? What’s wrong with wishing for something for ourselves?

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4 Things Every Mom Needs to Stay Sane

No one can deny that stay at home moms have one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Wild Kratts Wild Wednesdays_THUMBNAIL_All This Month 30

New Wild Kratts Episodes Every Wednesday in July

Someone please tell me that we're not the only ones who have seen every episode of Wild Kratts in creation?

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Are You A "Pre-Mourner"? Most Moms Are.

Are you a pre-mourner? Let me explain . . .