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New Cell Phone Radiation Study

New Cell Phone Radiation Study
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With cell phones being relatively new technology, there has been very little study on their safety and affects on the brain. In fact, the long term effects of cell phone use are unknown. Most studies that have been done do not provide us with peace of mind but instead always state “more testing needs to be done”. Moreover, the studies that deem cell phones ‘safe’ are often sponsored by the industry. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health published in February, demonstrates inconclusive but suggestive results. A 50 minute phone conversation increased brain glucose metabolism in the region closest to the antenna in comparison to healthy participants with no exposure. Again, the results are claimed as inconclusive.

I have been writing on this issue on Eco-Babyz for years now. Personally, I find it surprising that something so widely used has not been properly studied for safety. But even if it is rare you stumble upon a study that finds a five fold increase in glioma (a type of cancer) for people who started using mobile phones before the age of 20, are you willing to live with these implications? I think it is something to be taken seriously. To such an extent actually, that we do not regularly use cell phones. I suffered from intense migraines for years and no specialist could tell me why. Only when I stopped the use of my cell phone they went away. Never to come back since. Based on my own experience, it doesn’t matter what the research says, I had my life back. If you have migraines you know what torture it can be. Of course they are not caused by cell phones in everyone and there can be many factors, but for me that one change made a world of a difference.

Until there is a definite answer, similar to the one linking smoking to cancer, we will not know. Maybe we’ll know when the cancer epidemic is completely out of control. These are your choices on behalf of your family and yourself. The least you can do now is limit your cell phone radiation risk. Do not give cell phones to children, their brains are especially susceptible. As a matter of fact, if you carefully read the fine print on a little tiny slip included within the box of your new cell phone it will read along the lines of “keep at least ⅝” to 1” away from your body”.

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