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neuBrow and neuLash

Remember when thin was in and you tweezed your eyebrows into a tight rope thin line?
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And then the seasons changed and a “natural” looking eyebrow was in?  Oops.

It seems unfair that unlike leg hair, eyebrow hair refuses to grow when you’re looking for a do-over.

If you need an eyebrow “do-over”, neuBrow is just the ticket. With a strong blend of vitamins, proteins and rejuvenating ingredients, neuBrow helps to create natural looking brows within thirty days. I gave neuBrow a try, and it was amazing. Let’s just say I needed to book an appointment to get my eyebrows cleaned up post thirty days.

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With my eyebrows looking good, let’s take that scrutiny a little lower to my eyelashes.  While mascara is magical and can do wonderful things, it seems entirely unfair that little boys have the longest eyelashes in the world.  For some reason it seems like girls don’t get hit quite as hard with the lash gene.  In addition to using neuBrow, I tried neuLash and let me just say, I gave my son and his wall of lashes a run for their money.  Within the thirty day period I noticed a serious difference and I was leaving a lot more mascara in the tube.

Click here for more information on neuBrow and neuLash from Skin Research Laboratories. I was provided with a sample of neuBrow and neuLash to try, but my opinions are my own.  Give it a try and watch your own lashes and brows grow!



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