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Natural Solution for Hormone Imbalance + Giveaway


If you ask me, hormones are to blame for the majority of physical irritations that we put up with as women. Whether it's PMS, mental health, headaches, acne, fertility, or fatigue there always seems to be a link back to what our hormones are or aren't doing.

I used to get a laundry list of hormonal issues from the time that I would ovulate until the time my period would start. I'd have headaches, achey legs, fatigue, anxiety, dizziness . . . the list goes on. My symptoms would always last until my period would start and then they would go slowly disappear . . . until it was time for me to ovulate again.

A friend told me to try Yiva, made from raspberry leaf drops and that he knew a lot of people who had great success with them. I started taking them and after the first month my symptoms were almost non-existant. I thought it could be a fluke, but I kept taking the drops. My symptoms were gone for 5 months and then I ran out of the drops. I thought it wouldn't make a big difference if I were off the drops. I was wrong. My very next cycle, all of my symptoms were back. They weren't as bad as before I started taking the drops, but I could tell that my body was going backwards without them. Needless to say I won't let myself run out again.

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Rasberry Leaf Extract for Hormonal Imbalance

Natural Remedies for Hormone Imbalance

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Natural Remedies for Hormone Imbalance