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My 20-month-old daughter is allergic to nearly everything on the planet. We have no history of allergies in my family.
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I’ve not a clue how I grew her such a mutated little immune system.  I think for now I’m blaming it on some sort of high frequency electromagnetic waves coming from my iPhone. In short, maybe I electrocuted her with my cell phone while she was cooking in my belly.

Her list of allergies looked a little something like this: dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, corn oats, rice, sugar, honey, peaches, pears, berries, grass, dust mites, preservatives, environmental allergens, carpet, etc. etc. etc.

Extreme “Atopic Dermatitis” or “Eczema” is what my doctors diagnosed her with.  But surprise, surprise when I cut the things out of her diet that I suspected she had aversions to – her skin improved.  And by the way by eczema – I mean skin that felt like sandpaper and oozed all over. It looked angry.  She was about 4 months old when I really caught on to all of this.  When I put her on a hypoallergenic formula it almost completely cleared up her skin. But what was I going to do when she needed to eat real food? You can’t drink Allimentum forever . . . (on top of the fact that it made her diapers smell like a 90 year old man with moth balls). Plus, we called the stuff “Liquid Gold” as we were spending $300-400 a month on it.

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We limited her diet, I looked at lots of different kinds of doctors and solutions.  There was a guy in my neighborhood that was allergic to the sun.  Yes, as in the sunshine.  The big ball of fire that lives in the sky that you can’t get away from.  He had to mow his lawn in a bee suit and couldn’t coach his kids games.  He sounded a bit like my little one with his long list of allergies.  But he got rid of them – and he told me how.

There is a treatment out there called NAET – you can check out their website for more information.  But in short – everything has an electromagnetic field to it.  Your body either accepts or rejects that field or frequency.  If you can get your body to accept that specific charge/frequency you should be able to eliminate the symptoms or affect that the allergen has on your body.

To do that, you treat each specific allergen with a mix of acupressure and little glass viles charged with the frequency that you’ve got a problem with and you reset your system to accept whatever the allergen or frequency is.  I know – it makes no sense – that’s why I call Dr. Anderson my voo-doo witch doctor – because somehow it makes it easier to explain. But it worked for my neighbor who was allergic to the sun, and it’s working for my little girl in amazing ways.  I just wish that my NAET doctor had a more mystical sounding name than Tom Anderson.  Really, that’s kind of boring once I cast him as my voo doo witch doctor.  I think he should change his name to something that sounds cooler, like a shaman from the far East.

So in short – my little girl might break out in a rash or a bout of horrible skin from peaches.  We go see Dr. Anderson and he clears her for peaches.  Her rash clears up starting as soon as he is done treating her, and usually within 24 hours she can eat whatever item she has been cleared for (in this case peaches) again with no ill affects.  We’re adding new foods to her diet every week that she couldn’t eat before.

Most NAET physician’s do a free consultation.  If you are in Utah and looking for someone, check out: Dr. Tom Anderson: 801.272.9989

If you’ve got an open mind and any unresolved health issues you should check it out.

And for full disclosure: NAET nor Dr. Anderson did not have any part in me writing this post aside from the fact that we are regular patients.  But I’m obviously a big fan.  I’ve referred loads of people and the great thing is that I’ve seen them all have a lot of success – from hayfever to depression to A.D.D. to skin issues.

AND – I’m always up for a good voo doo witch doctor. If you are up to something fabulous or have a great alternative therapy that you’ve tried please do share. ☺


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