My Favorite Baby Cold Remedy

Keeping sick babies comfortable is a pretty daunting task.
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Keeping a sick baby with a runny nose from turning into a miserable wailing mess after a day of wiping their nose is darn near impossible.

And as those babies get bigger and more able-bodied, caring for a runny nosed kid becomes additionally charming as they interpret you pulling a kleenex from the box as the signal to flee.

Before too long, that poor kid is chapped from cheek-to-cheek from all that nose wiping.

When my girl was a toddler and suffering from a cold, I covered her feet with Vick’s Vapo Rub, and on a whim, covered her tender, chapped nose with Lansinoh Lanolin nursing cream.

Yep. Nursing cream.

When she woke up the next morning, the chapped skin around her nose, upper lip, and cheeks had healed overnight.

Now it’s my favorite baby cold remedy. We keep Lansinoh in our medicine cabinet and it’s a regular part of how our entire family relieves this painful cold symptom. No more red noses. No more chapped flaky skin. A lot less misery for everyone involved. It is so good at making my kids feel better the last time my son came down with a cold, he happily stood still so we could put it on his nose.

That kid doesn’t stand still for anything.

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Can you see the germs floating around her?

DIY Cold Remedies for Kids

We're flying through Kleenex like nobody's business, orange juice is being guzzled, and you can hear tiny chests rattling outside bedroom doors. Basically, we have the plague.

What can I do when my child gets a cold?

For most healthy children, a cold is caused by a virus, not bacteria, so the only “cure” for the common cold is watchful waiting, fluids and TLC. But kids feel terrible when they are sick with bad colds, and parents want to help- but what’s a parent to do now that all the cold medicines have been recalled and regulated?