My Closet, Myself

A few months ago, I started the process of cleaning out my closet. It has been a gradual process.
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You’d think it wouldn’t take me that long to get it done, but sadly, it has.   With two small children (one who is currently making squawking sounds while she is supposed to be napping), it is a wonder that I get anything done.  After two pregnancies and over five years of living in our house, my closet was a sight to see.  There were bridesmaid dresses, suits that I wore when I was gainfully employed, and maternity clothes.  Oh, the maternity clothes.

Going through my old work clothes felt like I was looking at someone else’s stuff.  I left my teaching job in 2006, right before I gave birth to my little boy, so to say that most of it was dated is an understatement.  Most of the pants hung on the hangers like dusty old forgotten drapes that hadn’t seen the light of day for years.  I remember shopping for these outfits and being so nervous at the expense.  I was earning a paycheck, though, so it was justifiable.  Now, though, they were headed for the donation pile.  I have to admit, it was kind of sad.  It was like I was saying goodbye to my old self.  The self before I had kids.  The self that went shopping whenever I wanted.  The self that loved shoes.

Once I got rid of the work clothes, it was time for the maternity department to excuse itself.  Contrary to popular belief, I actually really enjoyed my pregnancy clothes.  I had a hey day at The Gap and was excited about dressing my new, big belly.  It was a reason to buy new clothes and who can argue with that, really?  They were so comfortable!  Why don’t all jeans have a flexible, soft panel?  OK, so maybe not a fashion statement, but comfy nonetheless.  Saying goodbye to my maternity clothes was also like bidding farewell to a chapter in my life that was filled with excitement and anticipation.  There is nothing like awaiting the arrival of your baby and all of these clothes reminded me of those times.

After removing all the old clothes, I was left with more donation bags than I could count.  The vacant space in my closet is just begging me to go shopping.  I feel like every new mom needs a closet makeover.  It’s no surprise that your body changes after birth and nothing fits quite the way it used to.  After going through pregnancy and becoming a mama, regardless of how many babies you have had, you deserve to start fresh.  Even if your weight is back to what it was, things shift and weird things happen.  Am I right?

You should look inside your closet today.  Undoubtedly, your clothes will tell a story and remind you of past experiences and times in your life.

As for me, I’m going shopping!


Closet Clearing

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