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Did you know the body doesn’t produce vitamin B12? I remember first hearing that from somewhere and didn’t think it was that big of a deal. The question which immediately popped up after I heard the initial question was, ‘Do I even need vitamin B12?’ Finding the answer to that follow up question lead me down a rabbit hole of all kinds of interesting information and studies about how vital vitamin b12 (especially methylcobalamin vitamin B12) is for basic functions for the human body. After being convinced I needed vitamin B12, my next goal was to find the best vitamin b12 product on the market.

 WHY B12? Methyl vitamin B12 aids in supporting nerve cells, is required for red blood cell formation, and is required for DNA synthesis (helps produce DNA!). Vitamin B12 also plays a role in synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin, which is the brain chemical responsible for balancing your mood. This is a major reason a lot of users of methyl vitamin B12 use it as a mood stabilizer. 

As always, I started with natural sources of vitamin b12, but I found out I had to eat a lot of meat and weird proteins to get adequate amounts. As a result, I turned to supplements and started on a capsule form. I must have tried half a dozen different vitamin B12 products on the market and didn’t FIND ONE which provided value and results. Kind of a bummer. So I went back to the meats, weird proteins and energy drinks and tried that out for a while. During this time, I remember stumbling across an article about sublingual delivery of vitamins and how much more efficient those products were vs a pill or capsule form. Immediately, I tried to get my hands on any sublingual vitamin I could find on Amazon. And that’s when I found Q Sciences Q b12 spray. Disclaimer: I was already familiar with Q Sciences as a company so my search query was geared towards them during my search. I am a FIRM believer in finding a company which produces great products and hitchin’ my health wagon to that train. It’s because we demand great experiences from the brands we buy from and follow. And Q Sciences has continued to deliver on those experiences product after product. In this case, Q b12 spray fit the mold with another awesome supplement I added to my regimen of daily vitamins.


There are three features of Q b12 vitamin spray that separate it from most traditional nutritional b12 supplement vehicles: sublingual spray + water soluble vitamin + high quality ingredients. Why are these basic features incredible? Because they work together to give you the most efficient and quickest vitamin b12 absorption for your body. It’s quick nutrition. Easy way to get vitamin b12. One less pill you have to take! The by product of those features are mental and physical prowess with endurance I’ve grown to look forward to everyday. By the way, Q b12 spray taste great too.


The only downside of Q b12 spray is that it uses Xylitol, which is a sugar substitute. For most people, xylitol is well tolerated and has zero side effects, but there is a small portion of users who may experience digestive side effects when they ingest too much xylitol. Out of all the sugar substitutes, xylitol is one of the safest and effects the least amount of people. There’s really nothing to worry about, especially if you stay within the recommended usage. In fact, most reviews we found online for Q b12 spray didn’t mention any negative side effects at all.


Q Sciences Q b12 spray is all about nutritional efficiency we like to call “Quick Nutrition”. The features of this methylcobalamin vitamin b12 product I love best lead to some sweet benefits for anyone looking for a vitamin which is going to boost mental and physical performance without the worry of ‘Is this really working?’ and ‘Is this good for my body?’. You SHOULD worry about a lack of vitamins in your system, especially b12. With this vitamin spray, you can rest easy. Plus…it’s organic and all natural. 

Q B12 Spray Overall Performance

Q Sciences b12 spray is not just another vitamin. There are some unique benefits about this product that make it different from most vitamins and nutritional supplements you’re probably used to taking. Overall, the performance Q b12 spray delivers is above the norm we’ve experienced with other nutritional supplements. In fact, we’d argue the performance is much better. What we love about this B12 product in particular is the multiple results we noticed as we continued taking it. One of the key benefits and integral traits of a quality vitamin methyl b12 supplement is its ability to stack and build results on top of each other. For starters, Q b12 spray is healthy. You’ll find out below why, but one of the major features is the premium ingredients Q Sciences makes their products from. For methyl B12, this is a must. Because it’s high quality nature plus the sublingual method of delivery, Q b12 spray gets maximum absorption of methyl B12 to the body. The linking effect can be felt with improved memory and cognition by supporting mental endurance and decreased fatigue and lethargy by supporting physical endurance. 

You’re probably wondering, ‘How would you measure this?’ A lot of it is based on feel and an overall awareness of improved cognition and energy in the body. But as mentioned before in previous reviews, journaling your health and diet is a key component to living a healthy life. You’re able to connect the dots to why you feel a certain way and what could potentially cause it. And this is the case with most products we review. Copious notes and journal entries are recorded. We take our health seriously 😉

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Q B12 Vitamin Spray Benefits

Aside from being able to ditch the weird meats, gross tasting pills, and energy drinks there are actually some other desirable benefits of Q b12 spray. Some of the customer reviews we found and recorded later in this review allude to some tertiary benefits (pain management, no longer needing vitamin injections, etc.), but I only included below in this section the top benefits I observed during my experience. One thing I’ve learned about vitamins and supplements is that our bodies respond differently to different things. That’s why some people will leave a positive, glaring review of a product while others can leave a scathing review. With that said, below are the points of emphasis we wanted to bring to light.

Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12

This is some cool stuff. Learning about vitamin b12 and its integral role for our bodies was eye opening at first. And the more you study it and learn about it, the more you realize ‘this is some important stuff here.’ Methyl B12 is next level nutrition. Our bodies don’t absorb and metabolize vitamins equally. Without getting technical, the use of methylcobalamin (methyl-cobal-amin) vitamin B12 ensures that your body is going to put it to use. The benefits of methyl vitamin B12 are amazing. Methyl vitamin B12 aids in supporting nerve cells (this is a major component for mental endurance and cognition), is required for red blood cell formation, and is required for DNA synthesis (helps produce DNA!). In the medical field, B12 is used to treat neuropathy, ALS, and anemia. Scientists have also found a link between low levels of B12 and poor bone health as well. Vitamin B12 also plays a role in synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin, which is the brain chemical responsible for balancing your mood. This is a major reason a lot of users of methyl vitamin B12 use it as a mood stabilizer.

Sublingual B12 spray

Aside from the awesome benefits of methyl vitamin b12, the delivery mechanism as a sublingual spray is not just for fanciness and uniqueness. There’s a legit reason for why Q Sciences used a sublingual spray for their B12 product. Because it is a spray, the vitamin B12 doesn’t have to be digested. Why is that important? It means the vitamin is absorbed and enters directly into the bloodstream, instead of through gastrointestinal tract. Going through the digestive system not only takes more time, but it is nowhere near as efficient. Vitamin B12 in similar doses delivered through digestive ways like a pill, foods, smoothie, etc. means a lot of the nutrients are getting wasted. It is estimated less than 10% of the actual vitamins you take get absorbed into your body. A sublingual method is not only efficient, it’s not wasteful. Another important benefit of a sublingual spray (at least in the case of this one from Q Sciences) is they are free from additives and the manufacturer can make sure you get the purest form of methyl B12 as possible.

Water Soluble Vitamin B12

Rather than be a fat-soluble vitamin which requires some form of fat for it to be dissolved and absorbed, this form of methyl vitamin B12 is water soluble, which means it dissolves in water. Why does this matter? Because it means this form of B12 dissolves QUICKLY in the body (we’re made up of a LOT of water). In fact, this vitamin B12 is the ONLY water-soluble vitamin that can be stored in your body (the liver)!

High Quality Vitamin B Ingredients

Having the highest quality of ingredients cannot be overstated enough. This is your health and body we’re talking about! This isn’t just limited to Q b12 spray too. All of Q Sciences products come from premium, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This means no fillers, no synthetics, and no junk. Once again…this cannot be overstated enough. If you knew how unregulated the nutritional supplement industry really was, you would be very cautious of what pills you are putting into your body. Q Sciences is a legit company. They have a lot of employees. A Board of Directors. Actual doctors and medical professionals who oversee a lot of operations and quality of the products. They have a LOT of customers. This is a major reason why we give glowing reviews of the company and products. It’s quasi-mental insurance that products coming out of this company are top notch, not some fly by night company where the CEO is a 40-something year old living in his mother’s basement.

It’s reassuring knowing you can take a vitamin supplement you can trust will make an impact on your health and the way you feel. Q b12 spray reduces the frustration of not knowing if the money you spend each month on nutrition is working. You can FEEL the difference almost immediately. You’ll feel the increased mental focus and physical awareness. You feel the dependency of needing an energy drink (or two) for your daily fix wither away (love the fact that I’ve ditched energy drinks more than anything). Don’t be surprised if your mornings start just a little bit better. At a deeper level, Q b12 spray helps get essential methyl vitamin b12 quickly and efficiently into your bloodstream and system without having to eat weird meats, swallow gross tasting pills, or having to feel dependent on energy drinks for your energy fix.

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What Does Q b12 Vitamin Spray Do?

There are multiple reasons why people take methyl vitamin b12. Q Sciences sublingual vitamin B12 spray is designed to maximize and optimize the value of b12 for the human body. Vitamin b12 does a lot of cool things for the body and you see the same results in Q b12 spray. Some of the results you can expect (and what I observed) when taking methyl vitamin b12…

  • Delivers healthy energy
  • Decreases fatigue and lethargy
  • Supports physical and mental endurance
  • Increases and optimizes the conversion of carbs into glucose (this one was my favorite); this can lead to increased fat loss as you have less waste on the carbs you eat
  • Improves memory and cognition
  • Optimized and balanced mood and emotions
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If you read the Amazon reviews of the products later in the review, you’ll see there are other purposes and results people are getting from this specific product. But what I’ve included above were the most noticeable for us. The consensus is Q b12 spray brings the goods with mental and physical performance.

We wanted to briefly touch on the different sources of B12. Some prefer these methods and others don’t. Some of the most popular sources of B12 are organ meat (kidneys and liver), seafood sources (clams, sardines, fish), beef, fortified cereals high in fiber (not at the level of other sources mentioned here), and eggs. You can see how getting vitamin B12 from these sources can be problematic, especially for vegetarians and vegans. On top of that, all these sources rely on the delivery method of methyl B12 through the gastrointestinal tract which means it takes longer for the body to absorb and it is not as efficient. Getting the vitamins directly into your bloodstream is the most efficient method of nutrition. Period.

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How Do I Take Q B12 Spray?

Q Sciences suggested use of the product is to spray directly into your mouth up to 8 sprays per day. One cannister at this rate will last you a month if you’re using it every single day. Most people will recommend taking B vitamins on an empty stomach. Do you know why? Because your stomach will digest the vitamins quicker which means the body will absorb them quicker. You don’t have to worry about that with Q b12 spray. In fact, we’d never recommend taking any supplement on an empty stomach; that can cause abdominal strain and a general uneasiness in the gut. Because this methyl vitamin B12 comes in the form of a sublingual spray, you can take it whenever you want on a full stomach or an empty stomach and you’ll get the same results. However...because of vitamin B12’s characteristics of increasing mental and physical performance, you can expect an increase in energy so we’d recommend taking this supplement right after waking up. The last thing you want is to take this before bed because the increase in energy may interfere with your sleep patterns. With that said, there were times we took a shot of b12 spray in the morning and afternoon. A lot of times, it is a “take it as you need it” approach.

Help/Support From Q Sciences:

Q Sciences has a corporate website and their contact information isn’t strategically buried beneath web page after web page. As a note of reference (especially with nutritional supplement companies), if you can’t easily and effectively communicate with them...that’s a major red flag. Q Sciences is completely okay with communication. There are multiple ways to contact them (phone, email, and contact form) and we’ve found the best way is to pick up the phone and give them a call. If you don’t get a customer service rep right away, leave a message. Customer support is great. If you have a problem, they’re going to help you find a solution.


Another important benefit of purchasing products from Q Sciences is their guarantee. According to their Amazon listing, you can purchase Q B12 vitamin spray and risk-free for 30 days with a money back guarantee. The listing also states if you are unsatisfied for any reason with the product, send it back for a full refund. You read that right: Full. Refund. This is what you want from a vitamin supplement company. Q Sciences stands behind their product and they back that up with a money back guarantee.

Amazon Verified Customer Reviews of Q Sciences Q B12 Spray

Don’t take our word for it. We compiled a handful of reviews from Amazon to see how other users of Q Sciences Q b12 spray have responded to the product. It averages 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Patrick Ochs (who gave it 5 Stars) says...

“I have been diagnosed as clinically deficient in vitamin B12. I have tried numerous methods of taking supplements, including time-release pills, sublingual pills, liquids, sublingual liquids and direct injection. Unfortunately for me, direct injection was the only method that fully worked. As I do not like to have weekly injections, I tried this product. Works really well for me and is much more pleasant than giving myself injections. The flavor of the spray is good and the results are excellent. I am extremely satisfied.”

Devina Stearns (who gave it 4 Stars) says... 

“Has lessen the pain in my feet at nights.”

Brandy (who gave it 5 Stars) says...

“Great product…Easy to use, seems to be helping a lot with fatigue.”

Richard (who gave it 5 Stars) says... 

“Quick, easy, & tastes good.”

Indigo Child (who gave it 4 Stars) says...

“Convenient source of energy. I carry this in my purse everyday. It's great when I feel my energy lagging. Unlike coffee, this mid afternoon pick me up does not keep me up at night.”

What’s neat about reading these reviews is you can see how diverse of a vitamin product this is. Some use it for energy and some use it for pain in their feet. That’s the beauty of b12 in general. It truly is a fantastic vitamin source you should be looking to supplement into your diet in one way or another.

Summary Of Q b12 Spray

As mentioned before, Q Sciences Q b12 spray is not just another vitamin supplement. Whereas most people who take supplements are accustomed to taking four to five different supplements to achieve one benefit, Q b12 bypasses all that extra work, all those extra pills and creates an experience where the benefits build on each other: healthy energy (pure methyl vitamin B12) + quality product + method of delivery (sublingual) = Increased mental performance + Increased physical endurance + Decreased lethargy. How’s that for a nutritional equation?! With that said, I love Q b12 spray and have included it as a supplement I take every day. Why? Because it has allowed me to skip the meats and weird proteins, has allowed me to ditch another capsule I have to digest and most importantly…I don’t rely on energy drinks anymore for my energy fix.

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