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Lunch Ideas for Kids

When my kids head back to school, I start writing out checks for school lunch.
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We’re what I call a “hot lunch” family mostly because I cannot pack a lunch for more than two days in a row. I run out of ideas in a hurry and hand lunch back over to the school lunch ladies.

But these fun lunch ideas for kids have got me thinking. Cold lunch can be healthy, easy to put together and a nice way to stay connected to your children during the school day. If you’re looking for lunch ideas for kids, here are a few great ones I found:

  • WHAT TO PACK: Med Net gives 15 healthy sack lunch ideas that blow peanut butter and jam sandwiches away. Popcorn with parmesan cheese. Chicken strips with honey mustard sauce. Whole grain bagels with vegetable spread. Gee whiz. I want to pack these lunches for me too.
  • HOW TO PACK IT: Forget the little ziplock baggies and buy a set of these awesome easy lunch boxes. These containers really do make packing a lunch look easy–especially for sending leftovers and some more “creative” food items like the ones suggested by Med Net.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT SPECIAL:Paper Coterie has these fabulous lunch box love notes as a back to school free download right now. They can be personalized, printed and used over and over. If the healthy eating and cool containers weren’t enough, I’m wanting to be a cold lunch family just to use these lunch box notes.
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Maybe there can be sack lunches in my children’s future after all.


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