Live Your Active Culture With Dannon and Mia Hamm

Live Your Active Culture With Dannon and Mia Hamm
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The other day I had the opportunity to speak with soccer player extraordinaire and supermom of twin girls, Mia Hamm, regarding the DannonLive Your Active Cultureprogram which focuses on helping families be healthy and be active. In this world of purse-stealing, jail-going “role models,” I am so grateful for women like Mia Hamm who have paved paths for our daughters through their hard work, determination, and fitness rather than materialism, gluttony, and ignorance.

Short on time and long on commitments, Mia, just like all of us busy moms, admits it can be a challenge to plan out healthy meals and snacks for every meal time, but the new Dannon Live Your Active Culture campaign understands those limiting circumstances and is all about encouraging parents to take small steps towards a healthy lifestyle. As Mia says, “Simple things can make the difference.”

One simple change I just made was substituting out mayo in our tuna salad for Greek yogurt. YUMMO! And? It’s so much better for us. On the Dannon website, you can find a ton of great recipes where yogurt is added in as a healthy ingredient option. I never knew!

One of Mia’s tips for encouraging a healthy lifestyle is to make sure your kids have at least thirty minutes of outside time a day. If you live close to the park, consider walking instead of driving. Play games along the way to make the walk more interesting, like I Spy or Simon Says. To switch up our park-going-routine, my husband and I take our girls to the soccer field by our house every once in awhile, to get our kids used to the feel of a field and to let them kick balls around as wildly as they desire (I’m the “no ball in the house” mom). They love the freedom of the wide open space.

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Watch out, Mia. I got a little one who is hot on your world-record, gold medal trail.

After my conversation with Mia, I realized that really, the number one role model for my two girls is me. I am the person they see the most. I create their environments; I set the examples; I put food on their plates and pack their snack bags; I choose to click the remote control or to take a trip to the park. Mia spoke highly about her parents and the influence they had in her active, successful lifestyle.

She essentially grew up on the soccer field watching her dad coach a variety of sports teams, and in the rehearsal room with her mom, the dancer, who served only the healthiest of foods to their family of six kids. She joked that none of her friends wanted to come over after school because the only things to drink in the fridge were water, milk and the occasional carton of OJ.

This epiphany that my kids are going to do as I do and not as I say has been a big catalyst for my recent venture to the running courses and the dance studio. I recently decided, even before taking the Dannon pledge for a healthy lifestyle, that I wanted to lead by example in my actions and not just my words. It’s not easy, but I am taking small steps.

So, what about you? Are you ready to take the pledge and take small steps towards a healthier life for you and your kids?

If so, CLICK HERE to take the Active Culture Pledge and to find out  more about the program, including how they’re helping local San Diego State Parks through a partnership with the California State Parks Foundation (CSPF).

Also, if you’re in the San Diego area next Tuesday, June 21st, stop by the San Diego Fair, between 1-3pm, and go head to head with Mia Hamm in the Meet or Beat Challenge.

P.S. You can also win a 3 day, 2 night camping trip for 4 at Yosemite National Park by entering on their site. I have never been to Yosemite so I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one!


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