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It’s time to Focus T25

I am in no way a huge health fanatic.
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I do enjoy working out on occasion and eating a little better than the average man on the street, but I’ve never been more passionate about a workout routine than I am now.  And this coming from someone who was really into the Zumba craze last year.

You may have heard the name Shaun T from Team Beachbody.  Besides being a huge piece of eye candy, he is also the workout genius behind Insanity.  Shaun T’s latest program is Focus T25.  I can’t say enough how great this program is.

When this box came, it was like Christmas came early.

I, like all of you, have a difficult time fitting in a workout regimen during the day.  I think that is why I like this program so much.  The “Focus” stands for focus, plain and simple.  “T” stands for Shaun T.  The “25” stands for 25 minutes a day.  What?!  Yes, 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week… well 4 days a week.  Friday is a double day, but time goes by so fast.

This is a 10 week program.   5 weeks you do the Alpha, or the foundation workouts, then the next 5 weeks you will focus on the Beta program, which is a little tougher.  There is also a Gamma part that is additional, and I’m sure scary.  T25 is hard work, and you will sweat like you have never sweat before, but it is the greatest feeling when Shaun calls “time”, and you know you just nailed it.

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This sheet will keep you on schedule.

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Burn, calories! Burn!

Again, it is hard work, but with like any program there is a modifier with easier movements.  In this case it is Tanya.  As long as you follow her, you will still sweat your butt off, but may not be huffing and puffing.

I am about to start week 4 of my fitness journey.  So far I am down 3 pounds and 2 inches.  I am pumped to keep going.