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I Am A Believer In The HCG Diet

I had one of those days not too long ago when I decided that I was fat and I needed to do something about it.
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I’m not sure if it was because my 5 year old would constantly lift up my shirt and rub my belly while saying, “Baby.  Mommy, when are you going to have your baby?” or “Big belly.  Big, big belly.”  Or because I went to a friend’s house and saw two girls around my age, with children the same age as mine, wearing a size 2 (I know you all know people like that and it’s frustrating).  Regardless, I decided that it was time to do something.

My closet has been full of size 4 clothes for years.  I refuse to part with them because I know I will fit into them again… someday.  At one point, after I had my first son, I made it back to my size 4 days, but then I got pregnant again, and so long size 4… hello size 12!  That’s where I stayed for 2 years.  I do blame most of the weight on drugs and medications that I have been on for cancer treatment, but enough is enough.  I had to do something.

One afternoon we decided to go by the McKinney Flea Market and there was a booth set up selling these HCG drops.  We listened to the man talk about his story and how much he had lost in such a short amount of time.  He had a huge poster of himself at a heavier weight and said he had lost something like 85 pounds.  That was it.  I was done listening.  Where do I sign up for the HCG Diet?

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I went home and did a little research on it and talked to a few of my friends.  I didn’t realize that this has been around for so long.  Everyone I spoke to either knew someone who did the diet or had tried it themselves and were happy with the results.  I had to try it.  My mom told me that her doctor had told her about it and gave her information from Shifting Frequencies.  I ordered a bottle and started the HCG diet.

The diet lasts 23-40 days.  I did 29 days the first time around and lost 20 pounds.  It is an extremely strict diet of only 500 calories a day.  If you can’t do it, it does not work.  There is a plan laid out for you.  You can only have coffee or tea for breakfast, 100 grams of chicken or beef for lunch and dinner, and only certain veggies and fruits are allowed.  Again, it is strict.  After you finish your drops, again 23-40 days, you do the next phase.  You can eat what you want in any amount, but no sugar and no carbs.  Do that for 3 weeks.  Then the last phase is to eat what you want and slowly incorporate the sugar and starches back into your diet.

I did 2 rounds of this diet.  I wasn’t happy with just losing 20 pounds, so I did another short round.  This time I did the drops for 25 days and lost another 15 pounds.  I feel great.  I do need to tighten up a little.  You can’t work out while on the diet… but now that I’m off, I am ready to strut my stuff.  Size 4, here I come!

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