How To Keep Your Nursery Clean, Safe and Free From Toxins

Mothers and fathers take pride in bringing their newborn home to a cozy, attractive and safe nursery.
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With baby’s first experiences outside the womb, we know that babies are very delicate and extra sensitive to their new surroundings.  So we try our best to take every single precaution to guard our precious little bundle from harmful agents.

Being outdoors, there is not much you can control.  You can’t control how the air smells, or the car that drives down the road, or the particular person nearby who is sick.  Sure, you make every attempt to keep your baby away from hazards, but you take the chance every time baby is outdoors.  What you can control is keeping your baby’s nursery safe, sanitary and totally free from dangerous toxins.


Keeping your nursery clean is crucial to providing a safe environment for your baby.  Make sure you regularly clean the carpets using a vacuum that has a HEPA filter.  This filter will help get rid of the majority of harmful pathogens, allergies, dust particles, pet dander and more.  According to a 2002 U.S. Geological Survey, 80% of cleaning solutions leave behind a residue which may include antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides, etc.  That is a sad exchange for germ-free surfaces!  These chemicals can be very harmful if ingested or inhaled and can have an effect on the development of your baby’s immune system.  Go to the store and get yourself some non-toxic cleaning products.  They are just as effective and smell significantly better.  You can also try home remedy cleaning solutions that are tremendously less costly and free of toxic residue.

Crib Bedding

Your crib bedding is the last thing your little one sees before bedtime and the first thing your newborn sees once he/she wakes up.  You newborn will spend about 2/3rds of the time resting in the crib, so choosing safe baby crib sets and taking proper care of it should be one of your top priorities.  Mattresses containing wool or latex can trigger allergies, so try buying an organic mattress or allow a regular baby mattress to air out for at least one month prior to bringing baby home.  Buying organic baby bedding and clothes are also an ideal alternative.  Organic baby bedding is free from chemical finishing agents that are used to preserve the material.  Choose baby bedding which is 100% certified organic cotton so it is soft, comfortable and breathable.  Make sure to wash all items using fragrance-free detergent and no fabric softener.


Painting your nursery walls is a good way to create a nice ambiance for your nursery.  Make sure not to paint while your pregnant and also use paint that has no or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  This goes the same for sealers and finishers for furniture.  Buying unfinished furnishings is even better, but realistically, buying new furniture is not always feasible.  Again, give your nursery several months to air out before bringing baby home.  An air purifier with HEPA filter is also valuable in eliminating allergens, dust particles, asthma inducers, chemicals, biological contaminants and so on.

Take proactive measures to guarantee your baby’s nursery is safe and free from toxins.  I would recommend preparing and sanitizing your nursery several months before baby is due to ensure all possible contaminants are eliminated.  You may not be able to control outside variables from imposing harmful agents, but you can definitely control turning your nursery into a safe sanctuary for your newborn.  Taking eco-friendly precautions is not only safer for your treasured little one, but mother nature will thank you for it.