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Holiday Survival Tips

Shape Up Your Holiday Season: Holiday Survival tips from Shape Up Mom and mother of ten, Kathryn Sansone
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Guest Post from Kathryn Sansone:

The sweet sound of holiday carols… The spicy smell of pumpkin pie…The hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers and the warm homey feeling of wood burning in the fireplace all conjure images of a perfect holiday season. However, beneath all these warm cozy feelings is the stress of getting yourself, your family and your home ready for the holiday season.

According to an Opinion Research study conducted in October 2007, 48 percent of women experience more stress during the holidays compared to other times of the year. From gift-giving and decorating to entertaining and time management, Kathryn Sansone, Shape Up Mom and author of Woman First, Family Always, and Weight Watchers® offer you some tips and tricks to survive the holidays. The mother of 10 biological children, Kathryn has a realistic, practical and inspiring approach that millions of women follow.

Gift Giving

  • Hostess gifts come in a variety of ways, but packaging is everything. Take two martini glasses, a punch bowl or tray and fill it with a variety of Weight Watchers deliciously sensible chocolate candies. Wrap them in cellophane and a bright bow, and attach a tag with a personal favorite recipe.
  • Start shopping for your kids now! Designate one room in your home where you can store and lock all your gifts. Assign one big bag for each child and start filling it up with gifts. m “I like to write what I've gotten on a list attached to the outside of the bag. Once Christmas comes, I take all the bags and make piles around the living room for each one of them. Our families have a tradition of not wrapping, which makes it even easier and not to mention – a huge time and money saver,” says Kathryn Sansone.


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  • Buy your “Favorite” Item… Times Twelve. For female friends and special family members, pick one item that you’ve come across that year that you really liked and buy or make it for all those special people on your list. It may be a new lotion or an edible gift such as a Granola Yogurt Parfait. Start with a beautiful jar, and layer Weight Watchers Vanilla yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. Tie a festive ribbon and keep it refrigerated until you’re ready to give it away. “I call it my own little "Kathryn's Favorite" for the year. It makes gift giving so much easier than trying to think of individual gifts for everyone.”

Watching Your Weight

  • Look out for your girlfriends! Women appreciate when other women are looking out for them. When hosting a group of friends for a holiday exchange, make sure to prepare a lunch that is healthy so no one has to feel guilty about indulging. “I love to take Weight Watchers Whole Wheat Pita bread and fill with chicken or tuna salad, a bowl of fresh fruit and add a delicious dessert like a tray of Weight Watchers Caramel snack cakes.”


  • Photograph your Home. Take pictures of what your holiday decorations look like - from the mantel to the trees. The following year you can quickly refer to those pictures to see how you decorated. Either mimic the photos or change it up a bit.
  • Theme Decorate! Try choosing a theme the family agrees on and theme-decorate. Whether it’s snowflakes, nativity scenes or poinsettias, pull those specific items from your holiday decorations and be creative in where you place them. This way, you don’t have to put everything out each year.

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