Holiday Germs


I am having a mild panic attack, and it's not because of those last few presents I have to gather up.

I'm pretty sure that everyone I know is sick. They have a cough, they have a sore throat, or they have the stomach flu. I myself have a now dwindling cough from about two weeks ago that I'm pretty sure has caused me to crack a rib or two. If I hadn't been to the pharmacy four times and the doctor three times in the past week, I MIGHT care enough to actually pay another co-pay and go check it out.

We are going through orange juice like water over here and I've drunk an ENTIRE BOTTLE of 'Tussen. Yup, I went for the generic. So our current status is me with a sometimes cough and serious discomfort from potentially cracked ribs, a husband who feels "not quite right", a baby who is recovering from a surgical procedure last week with a mildly crusty nose, and a preschooler who thankfully failed her strep test yesterday.

The last thing we need is the stomach flu.

When she visits Santa this week, I'm going to pour hand sanitizer all over that kid when she hops off his lap.

So here are my words of wisdom. Watch out for those perishable mail order holiday snacks that were dropped off on on your doorstep and have been sitting out all day long. Pull out the bleach when the stomach flu visits your house and DO NOT SHARE FORKS. The TV remote is full of germs. Remember this and wash your hands OFTEN. Clean and sanitize as you cook. And keep a respectful distance from your wildly sneezing cousin at the holiday party. Hand sanitizer with 60% ethanol can help fight the flu.

I know I sound neurotic but I'm sill recovering from Christmas stomach flu 2011 where 18 out of 20 relatives got knocked out. Yes, I was one of the 18. Hence my current paranoia!



Stay healthy!

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Please Pass the Germs


Please Pass the Germs

I went yesterday to buy some liquid soap for my kids’ bathroom. As a lazy person I’m glad they make liquid soap in pump bottles because it means I don’t ever have to wash out the soap dish. Oh, sure, I realize that washing something which is primarily “dirtied” by soap is probably considered easy, but I’m the type who’s always looking for cleaning jobs I can get out of.