Holiday Calorie Burning

No time for the gym during the holiday chaos? Don't worry, you've got to be burning some calories hanging those ornaments!

I'm going to make you feel better as you nibble on that peppermint bark.

I haven't been working out too much lately. It's freezing here, I think I broke a rib, I have presents to wrap, shopping to finish, work to do and last weekend I hosted a huge gingerbread party. I have managed to eat some chocolate during the holiday chaos.

Click here to visit Nu-Train for a list of alternative calorie burning. But in the meantime, let me hit you with some of the holiday calorie burning highlights...

Wrapping gifts burns 150 calories per hour. I can check that off my list for tonight.

Trimming the tree burns 170 calories per hour. Should be more, I find that exhausting.

Holiday shopping burns 175 calories per hour. What if you have to drop an elbow to get that last dancing Mickey Mouse?

Carrying groceries upstairs burns 545 calories per hour. Makes me wish we had stairs!

Preparing holiday meal burns 170 calories per hour. Probably doesn't count if you take bites as you go.

What are your alternative ways to burn calories?

How many calories can you burn eating Amy's Yuel Log cake?

How many calories can you burn eating Amy's Yule Log cake?


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