Healthy Living for Mom: Leftover Cake is My Kryptonite

Going to the gym is routine. Eating healthy food is a habit. Leftover Birthday cake? GET IN MY BELLY!

Writing my last post and admitting that the gym is a drag turned out to be pretty helpful for me. Once I got that off my chest, I fell into a steady routine of hitting the gym two or three days a week, with one or two at-home workouts tossed in.

Working out has become a normal part of my week. Buying, preparing, and eating healthy food has become a habit—even when dining out or grabbing take out.

But I am still not to be trusted with cake.

The last 10 days have been one delicious gathering after another. It started with Mother’s Day for which I made two batches of this Oreo Layer Dessert. Then my Birthday rolled around and I was treated to my favorite Chocolate Cake AND my favorite Chocolate Zebra Cheesecake.

I know people that can have baked goods in their house and forget about them until the goodie actually goes bad.

I’m the person that can’t wait to get home from my in-laws house so I can rush the kids to bed because OMGthereischeesecaketobeeatenGOTOBED.

When we got home with the leftover cheesecake, I played it off to my husband by cutting a small piece and asking if he wanted any, because if he didn’t I was going to just throw the rest away.

Then he went downstairs to watch TV and I ate ALL OF IT.

This photo doesn’t BEGIN to do it justice.

This photo doesn’t BEGIN to do it justice.

I’m not sorry.

It was delicious and it took my husband most of the morning to make it. No way was I tossing even one morsel of that in the garbage.

Teaching our girl to make my favorite cheesecake.

Teaching our girl to make my favorite cheesecake.

So. Yeah. I’m still the person that is going to eat all of the leftover cake in my house.

Aren’t we all?

Weight Loss Stats

  • Starting Weight: 195.5 pounds
  • Week 38 Weight: 155 pounds (-40.5 pounds total)

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