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Healthy Living for Mom: Cold Turkey is for the Birds

Did you make a resolution that involved some sort of healthy change? No kidding! ME TOO.
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Did you make a resolution that involved some sort of healthy change?

No kidding! ME TOO.

I posted this photo on New Year’s Eve.

Picture 14

By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, I had been enjoying a steady stream of goodies since Thanksgiving and I was going to kick off 2013 completely sugar-free.

I was ready. After weeks of holiday goodies I had put on 10 pounds and felt like garbage. That’s not a vanity statement. I actually felt pretty down, foggy, and wee more emotional than was really necessary.

I was committed to leaving sugar in the dust...and I did it!

For almost two whole days.

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On the evening of January 2nd, my rambunctious son took his first nasty spill. He smacked his mouth on the coffee table and bit through his lip. I got the call from my husband when I was driving home and we ended up taking him to the ER because he would need to be sedated in order to get stitched up.

Wondering where this little story detour is taking us? It’s taking us to a vision of me standing in a hospital cafeteria at 8:30 PM with my belly full of anxiety and hunger, and my eyes locked on a giant rice crispy treat.

That giant brick of butter, marshmallow, and puffed rice was just the ticket.

Do I know that I’m an emotional eater? Yep.

Did I spend one ounce of my time and energy feeling back about having sugar? Nope.

Cold turkey has it’s merits, but so does cutting yourself some slack.


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