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Even though my website was launched in 2005, my story started in 1974, as a very new mother with two small children.
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Even though my website was launched in
2005, my story started in 1974, as a very new mother with two small
children. My oldest, Rebecca, was 18 months and my baby, Rachelle,
was 3 months. Rebecca was constantly getting sick. If her nose started
to run, panic set in, for I knew it would turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.
She was at the Doctor’s office constantly and on any number of antibiotics. The doctor even prescribed a cough medicine with codine in it and instructed me to give her a teaspoon and then take one myself, which I found quite helpful given the fact that it had Codine in it. I felt utterly hopeless and helpless in this situation.

Another year went by and my health began to fail. That was when my
mother took me to an old Osteopathic Doctor that diagnosed me as
being totally depleted of B and C vitamins. He gave me a mega-dose to
take and when I started taking them, the thought came to me that
there might really be someone home. This experience began a lifelong
quest for knowledge that would mold and change my life, not only physically but mentally and spiritually.

In 1979, I found two products that would change my cooking habits;
The Universal Bosch Kitchen Machine and at that time the Magic Mill
Grain Grinder. Once I began grinding my own grain, there was a marked
difference in my family’s health. What I learned about the wheat flour
from the store was amazing. Because 24 hours after you grind your
grain, the wheat germ starts to go rancid, the flour mills have to bleach
the flour so that the flour won’t be bitter. So they remove 26 vitamins
and minerals, bleach the goodness out and then enrich it with 13 synthetic vitamins and minerals. Crazy, huh? Another interesting point is
that folic acid is found in whole grain, and science has connected folic
acid deficiencies to birth defects. I began to discover that the
Modernization of our world had a few problems. But, I decided that I
could do what was in my power to do. So I started to grind everything
that could be ground. I understand now that I have a very addictive
personality, but hey, this one seemed like a better choice than some I
had tried out. So, here is one of my recipes that is easy and fun and kids actually like it.

In 1987, when my fifth baby girl was 3 years old, we decided to move
from the rolling hills of Montana to Denver, where my husband and I
opened a retail store called “Mountain Magic”. Our store offered the
best in kitchen appliances and healthy living including herbs, essential
oils, whole grains, bread machines and grain mills. Mountain Magic
quickly grew and soon we had to move to a larger space. I loved the
opportunity to hold weekly classes to share what I had learned with my
customers, and they in turn would share with me. Some of the recipes
posted on my website are creations from the people that came to my
cooking classes.

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In 1996, I sold my store so that I could continue my education in
healthy living. I traveled to Izmir, Turkey that same year to learn more
about the modality of Therapeutic Essential Oils at the University of
EGE. You can read about an amazing miracle with Essential Oils that I
had with my fourth daughter, Krista. It is really exciting to me that over 60% of Americans use some sort of alternative health products or modalities. I believe that each of us has an innate sense that lets us know what is best for our bodies and I believe as a mother (and father) we have the right to have that guidance for our children also.

I am thrilled that Today’s Mama has asked me to write a monthly column on Healthy Living. I hope you are enjoying the ride as much as I

To Your Health

Patti Rowles



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