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Have Sex for Better Health

Life around the ol’ homestead is a bit stressful these days.
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School has started, for me and my kindergartner, there may be a job change on the horizon, and our finances are spiraling out of control.  There is tuition to pay, a family of five to feed, and rent is due.  The car and the computer decided to break down at the same time, and we’re still paying down that pesky bill that came with the delivery of twin babies.  Needless to say, I’m not sleeping well, either.

Thankfully, I have found a solution to the stress and the sleeplessness, and my hubby is completely on board.

Sex as Stress-reliever

If couples mainly fight about the kids, finances, and sex, then why not work off a little of that financial stress with the perfect workout for two.  That’s right, if you’re stressed, have sex.  According to one study done in Scotland, people who have sex regularly respond better to stress.

Sex as Pain-reliever

The old ‘not tonight honey, I have a headache’ is counterproductive.  Sex can actually ease pain, including headaches, arthritis and PMS.  Of course, it increases intimacy between you and your partner, and leaves only two of the major fight subjects left.  Regular sex probably won’t fix your finances, but at least you’ll be able to handle the stress better and be more connected with your partner in order to discuss them.

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Sex is Better than Money

Lucky for me, studies also show that couples are happier having sex than having money.  So while my financial issues aren’t resolved, at least I can be happier about the situation after a quick shag.

Sex as Immunity Booster

Now that it’s cold season, it’s time to give the old immune system a boost.  Oh sure, you can take extra vitamin C and disinfect the door handles, but how much fun is that?  Instead, grab your mate and get busy.  Studies show that the combination of intimacy and feelings of love and support help boost the immune system and prevent colds.

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Sex Can Make You Look Younger

If the combination of pain reliever, immune booster and stress reducer weren’t argument enough for you (never mind the great effects it has on your relationship) sex can also give you a great workout and make you look years younger.Whatever excuse you need (or maybe you don’t need an excuse, you just need that partner of yours to hurry up and get home!) to convince you to jump into bed, you can be assured that sex isn’t just for the beautiful and happy people—it can make you beautiful and happy, too!

And if you need to convince a specific someone, ahem, to join in your quest, feel free to pass this article on.  Spread the love.

Photos: Honeymoon Bed by Markuso; Cute Couples Feet by Africa


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