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Fitness Can Be Fun! Meet my fitness guru!

So with the holidays here, what are you doing to step up your fitness?
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Are you waiting till the first of the year, or are you going to get a headstart?

For me I wanted to make sure I liked what I was doing, and then follow through on the doing part! I also just recently had knee surgery and wanted to recoup the knee efficiently. The option of joining a health club wasn’t in our family budget, so I decided to look for classes offered by rec departments and schools. In our county, there is a fantastic resource in the San Luis Obispo Adult School. All kinds of extra curricular activities can be found here, and I found the health option in the form of a cycling (spin) class!

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When I first met Sue, she made sure to check in with anyone new to the class and to cycling specifically. If anyone was totally new to the sport, she would make sure the bike was fitted correctly to you. The music is upbeat and changing, while hearing her voice prompting you to either put on more road or take off. She is not pushy at all, but still asks you to challenge yourself. That was one major thing I liked about her, she didn’t overpush or go drill seargeant on us!

After taking the class for a semester, my left knee and muscle tone were equal to my right. I loved the class so much that I signed up the next semester for twice a week and had three other girlfriends join! We keep each other accountable by carpooling and call it our girls nights out! Of course I had to interview her to share who she is and what she loves to do…EVERYDAY!

So without further ado, meet Sue Conrad…my fitness guru! And if you are in SLO County for a small amount of time or a longer one, she can be yours too! Be sure to check out her website and connect with her on facebook! Details at the end!

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1**. When did you first decide to become a physical fitness instructor?**

In 2000, I started working part time as a Fitness Instructor at Kennedy Club Fitness. I enjoyed it so much, I studied for my Personal Trainer exam and became a certified Personal Trainer a year later.

What title do you go by? Personal Trainer/ Group Exercise Instructor

2. What motivates you to work out? Increased energy levels, staying fit and healthy, providing a positive image for my clients and students.

3. How many classes do you teach in one week? 15

4. Do you allow yourself treats?

I allow myself treats on occasion. If you deprive yourself completely of the small pleasures, what is the point? Moderation and control are key.

Are they food? Yes, I do have a weakness for pasta and bread. So, I do occasionally indulge in moderation.

5. What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workout would be a combination of strength training & cardio and finishing off with some yoga.

6. If there is one thing you could tell a person that is just starting to get into or get back into working out,what would you say? Start off gradually easing yourself into an exercise regimen. Consult a certified Personal Trainer if you have questions, and would like to have assistance setting up a well-rounded exercise program. Ask a friend or family member to be your exercise buddy, so you can help each other stay motivated and accountable.

7. Do you have a favorite saying or quote?

I encourage my students and clients to eliminate the word “hard” from their vocabulary and substitute it with “challenging.” The word “hard” sounds like something cannot be done, “challenging” sounds like it could be a tough journey, but one which you have the chance of succeeding!

8. Anything else you would like to say? If someone is interested in making a lifestyle change, I encourage them to include three components: diet, strength training & cardiovascular exercise. Solicit support from wherever you can find it! Family members, co-workers, friends and significant others are great people to stand in your corner on your path to fitness. When things get “challenging” keep your goal in sight! Find what works best for you, whether it is joining a health club, community classes, setting up a gym at home or taking it outside! Lastly, if you have any fitness related questions, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address: , website:, or via my facebook page: .

-I love her saying about challenges! I have the wonderful honor of calling Sue my friend now and will continue to learn and take more classes from her! Be sure to find someone you like to learn from and can work with. That will help in your commitment to lifelong healthy changes! Thanks Sue!

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