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Find Your Motivation

What’s your motivation to keep kicking butt at the gym, day after day?
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Do you have a true motivator?  It’s so crucial to find your motivation.  Have you ever considered it?  I’m not talking about the type of motivation that you “want to be fit to keep up with your kids” or “be a healthy role model”.  Those are fantastic motivators, but is that what keeps you going at the gym?

I recently read an article in Fitness magazine’s November/December 2013 issue titled “Fighting Shape: Why Competing Against Fit Chicks Kept Me Motivated“.  In the article, the author talks about how in order to keep herself working her hardest at the gym, she has to use her competitive nature to her advantage.  She chooses to find women at the gym that have the body type she desires, and then works harder, faster, longer than they do (secretly and silently) as a way of kicking her own butt into shape.  And, although her friends don’t approve of her competitive ways and basically call her a “mean girl”, she found that other tactics just don’t work for her.

This article got me thinking about what I have and/or can use to keep me working my hardest at the gym.  Being competitive isn’t my thing…so the author’s techniques aren’t going to be used in my fitness routine.  However, I realized that there was a time, not too long ago, that I found myself pushing harder and doing moves in my workout that I was never able to do before.  So, why was I working so hard, and what changed?  I realized that over the summer, when I was doing a kick-butt boot camp class a couple of days a week was when I was working harder and forcing myself to do burpees and real push-ups when I never thought I could.  Since then, I have had to change my workout regimen to mostly at-home routines due to the lack of a daily babysitter.  So what was it about that boot camp class that was so motivating?  I think for me, it was a couple of things.  First of all, it was the challenge of the tough workout.  Doing such a painfully difficult workout and getting all the way through it is such a rush for me!  Also, I was seeing changes in my body.  Being able to visibly see muscles in my arms, legs and abs that I haven’t seen for awhile (or ever) made me want to work even harder.

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So, now my challenge for myself is to make sure I am doing a tough routine when I’m working out so that I’m making positive changes to my body.  I have health and body goals for myself and I know I have to really push myself in order to reach them.

So, what’s your motivation?  I challenge you to figure out what drives you when you’re working out and make sure it’s a part of your workout regime every time!

Happy Fitness!!


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