FDA Approves Generic Epi Pen At Last

A generic EpiPen option is hitting the market soon, FINALLY!
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Allergy sufferers can celebrate a tiny victory thanks to the FDA announcement that FINALLY, a suitable generic EpiPen will hit the market soon.

The EpiPen is designed to automatically inject a dose of epinephrine into a person’s thigh to stop an allergic reaction. Epinephrine works by reducing swelling in the airway and increasing blood flow in the veins.

EpiPens can literally be the difference between life and death for some people, but the costs and availability have spiraled out of control, making it hard to find and expensive to buy. Huge problem for people with severe allergies to things like nuts and bee stings.

Drug manufacturer, Mylan, has kept a tight grip on Epipen production and costs, raising the price on epipens more than 6x since buying it in 2007. SIX TIMES. Gross.

We all know that generic = more affordable, which in an emergency can be a life saving game changer, especially in a world where extreme allergies and the risk of extreme allergic reactions are everywhere. Chances are I bet you have close ties to at least one person, if not many, who rely on the peace of mind and potentially life-saving dose of epinephrin housed in a handy EpiPen.

And now that EpiPen will get a lot easier to find and a lot less expensive to buy thanks to a new generic option from Teva Pharmaceuticals USA!

Do you know someone with allergies who can benefit from this awesome announcement? Be sure to let them know!