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Drugstore.com for Skin Health

So, the change in seasons brings changes in our mood, our eating habits, our workouts, our hair and our skin.
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Let’s talk about skin health.  The biggest problem with skin health is that everyone has a different type of skin.  Some have dry, some have oily, some have normal, and if you’re like me, you have oily ski, but your T-zone can get exceptionally dry in the colder weather.  I can’t speak for what is best for every skin type, because frankly, I’ve always been “blessed” with this oily/dry skin.  But I can tell you that I have found a great website that has something for everyone.  This website is www.drugstore.com.  Some of the benefits of this site are:  they have over 80,000 products available, so they really do have something for everyone; you get 5% back in credit towards your next purchase, every time you shop; they offer Free Shipping anytime your order is $35 or greater; you’re able to set up regular orders (if you want to), so you never run out of your favorite products; and best of all (in my opinion) every product is reviewed by actual customers.  So, you are informed of the product’s performance before you invest in it.  How great is that?

I despise going to the store (whether it be the drugstore, the grocery store, or a high-end store) to purchase skin care products.  All you have to go on are the prices, the ingredients and what the bottle claims the product can/will do for you.  How frustrating.  Your skin should be incredibly important to take good care of, since you have it your entire life.  Why not get a great product, for a fair price, with all these benefits, and have customer reviews available to help you make an informed decision?  On top of that, they don’t only carry skin-care products.  You will also find products for the household, mom and baby, medicines, diet and fitness, pets, personal care, well-being and vitamins.  Pretty much any “drugstore” type product.  What a time-saver for all us super busy moms!  So, check it out!

Happy Fitness!