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DIY Gift Idea: Diffuser Reed Set

I was given a Diffuser Reed Set for a housewarming gift.
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I soon ran out of oil and figured a way to put together my own. Around the same time, I came across a ton of bamboo skewers at a yard sale. Between the two I now have a great gift idea for my friends! Once the supplies are collected, it’s a super easy go-to gift for Christmas, birthdays or a pick me up!


Bamboo Skewers

Pruning Shears

Conductor Oil

Essential Oil

Small Vase or Candle Holder

Small Jar or Bottle(something that will hold liquid)



Conductor Oils all depend on what your price range is at. An almond or jojoba oil is really nice. You can use anything you can afford. The less it smells, the better. I had even heard that water would work too, but my gift was with oils, and I haven’t yet tried anything else.

Essential oils all depend on your price range too. You can usually find citrus or lavender for a decent price. A World of Aromatherapy is a great guide to tell you about the different oils that go together and what they are best for.


Cut your skewers with your pruning clippers. They can be any length, as long as they fit in the jar well. Make sure you at least clip off the point. Now these will be called reeds.

Pour your conductor oil into your smaller jar. Mine was from a jelly watch that I got last year for Christmas.

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Next, add your essential oils. You will want to make it stronger than you think. Add about ten drops first, and then test the smell. Keep adding slowly until it smells strongly, but not too overwhelming.

Now it’s time to pretty everything up for your gift box. If you were just making it for yourself you just need to put your reeds and oil in your vase and you’re done.

With the paper, make labels for your diffuser reeds and scented oil. I used chalk pencils and smudged them with a Q-tip for a border.

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Then tie your ribbons and labels around the bottle and the reeds. Box or bag it up and it’s ready to give to a friend! You could also make some Resuable Gift Bags to go with them.

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