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Defy Age with Inversion Poses

Hello Beautiful!
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As a yoga instructor, lover, and enthusiast I LOVE inversions.  What in the world is an inversion?  An inversion is any pose where your head is below your heart and/or your feet are above your heart.  Some examples are Down Dog, Handstand, Headstand, Wheel (back-bend), Bridge, Legs Up the Wall and many more.

Here you’ll find instructions on Legs Up the Wall Pose

Yoga has many philosophies that I adore.  The philosophies surrounding inversions are among my top favorites.

  • Inversions are good for the heart!  In an inversion the blood flows easily back to the heart so the heart gets a little break trying to bring that precious fluid back in to re-oxygenate it.  It’s a nice way of giving back to the heart that works so hard for you day after day.
  • Inversions reverse aging.  It’s said that every minute spent in an inversion is an extra year added onto your life.  This goes with the heart philosophy but I decided that it should be separate to make sure you recognize it as another great reason to go upside down.
  • Gain different perspective on life.  Yogis believe that when something is troubling you, a difficult decision, a troubling relationship, stressful environment, that if you go upside down you’ll be able to view it differently.  My favorite depiction of this is an upside down image of the sky below and a turtle above on a hill stuck on its back and exclaiming “This is what it’s like to fly!”
  • Removes wrinkles.  So this one isn’t scientifically proven but it’s a good enough excuse for me.  The whole thought behind this is that you are directly defying gravity so the pull is opposite on your body, lifting the wrinkles up and away.  (Psst…I’ve also heard it works great for the saggy booty.)
  • Feel like a child again!  This is by far my favorite.  There’s nothing like going into a handstand that makes me feel free, alive, fun, and playful like in my carefree childhood days.
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So get outside and get upside down!  Although there are many reported health benefits to inversions there are also some contraindications especially if you’re pregnant have glaucoma or high blood pressure so be sure to check with your doctor before trying something you’re unsure about.  It’s also wise to ask an instructor for help on some of the poses to ensure proper form.

Yours truly doing a handstand in the middle of Station Park!  This is what inspired this blog.  I left feeling rejuvenated, happy, and refreshed!


Jennie Carlson


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