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Dear One in Five, You Are Not Alone

I know you think you are failing your kids, your husband, even yourself. But, you're not failing anyone.
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You're not Alone.

I know you're in the trenches just trying to make it one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

You're not alone.

I know somedays you feel like you just can't do it and you want to cry. You want to cry hard. It's okay, Mama.

Cry. And Cry Hard.

I know you think you are failing your kids, your husband, even yourself.

But, you're not failing anyone.

I know public places can be overwhelming. What if you lose a child or one gets taken? What if your toddler throws a tantrum or rubs off? I have been there too.

Fried, you're not alone.

I know sometimes you dislike you're kids.

Somedays, I dislike mine too.

I know you are praying hard Mama. Keep praying. God hears you, and He hasn't forgotten you.

I know that you are ashamed and feeling guilty, sometimes wondering if this is the life you were cut out for. It is okay Mama. I have those days too.

You're not alone.

I know it is hard to get out of bed sometimes because sleep deprivation is pure torture and it has sucked out every ounce of energy you may have in you. I know this form of exhaustion all too well Mama, especially when my babies were first born. Sometimes it turns into a depression.

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I know you love being a Mama, but some days are just covered in clouds. It's okay Mama.

You're not alone.

I know that you might be seeing a therapist, someone to talk to and help you through this season. Good for you Mama.

You are not alone.

I know you may need to see a Doctor, get some help, and get on some anxiety or depression meds. It's okay Mama. You need to care of yourself.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just recognizing that you can't do it alone.

Mama, sometimes you have to take the first steps to be the change you want to see.

I know most days you have not a single clue what you're doing Mama.

You're not alone, that is truly what Motherhood is.

I know you are one in five mama. It’s okay, I am too. Live yourself a little more mama and know you’re not alone!

Sincerely, I’m in the tenches too!

About the Author

Desiree Fortin is a Mom to almost 2 year old triplets. Her journey to become a Mom was not easy, but it is one of hope and beauty. Desiree is a blogger and photographer. You can read Desiree’s blog, visit her on Instagram @thefortintrio, or visit her Facebook page to learn more.



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