Create a Strong Core with Plank Pose

Create a Strong Core with Plank Pose
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Hello Beautiful,

Core work can be hard and tedious.  Especially if you tend to think of it as doing a thousand crunches.  A strong core is essential to a strong and stable body.  After all it’s our core that keeps us from falling over.

Let’s get into what the ‘core’ actually entails.  Most people believe that it’s just our abs and if you have a 6-pack you have a strong core.  The core is more than just our abs though.  It’s all the muscles in the center of our body, hence the nickname core.

The core is made up of the abs, chest, and back muscles.  Sit ups will work on the abs but leave out the chest and back muscles.  So the BEST exercise to get the whole core is Plank Pose.

Starting on your hands and knees, with you shoulders over your wrists and hips over you knees, press into the earth with you hands and knees to feel the chest, shoulders, and belly muscles engage and pull up and into the bones.  Inhale and extend the right leg back tucking the toes into the earth.  Tuck the tailbone down toward the ground and lift the left leg back.  Pull the heels up toward the bum and lift the belly button up toward the spine.  Extend the top of your head forward to create a nice long line!

There seems to be a lot of little things to think about but just breathe and allow yourself to play with each one separately and notice how it feels.  How long can you hold plank pose?  Breathe through the discomfort and know that you are helping to create a strong core.


Jennie Carlson