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Clean Home, Healthy Pets – The Best Natural Cleaning Solutions

Clean Home, Healthy Pets – The Best Natural Cleaning Solutions
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Everyone wants to keep a clean house, especially pet owners, who have to clean up after dogs who come in from the yard with dirty paws or cats who shed fur on the furniture. It is important, however, to keep in mind that many of the conventional cleaning products out there contain harmful chemicals and cause toxic fumes that are dangerous for your entire family, especially your pets.

Keep your pet’s bed clean

Cats and dogs have their noses to the ground, and so they are most exposed to the chemicals that are used to clean carpets and floors. And because of their sensitive respiratory systems and acute sense of smell, their health can be adversely affected by everyday cleaning products you use around your home.

Therefore, in addition to dusting, you want to be sure you keep your house clean with natural cleaning products. Here are some suggestions that will help you convert your average cleaning product into a less harmful, more natural cleaning solution.

Ingredients to Avoid in Cleaning Solutions

Read the labels on your cleaning products, and make sure to avoid the following harmful ingredients that can harm the health of your family and your pets. Here are some of the top offenders to avoid:

1Chlorine – Pets should not swim in chlorinated pool water, and they should not be exposed to this harmful ingredient around the house, either. It can cause symptoms including vomiting and dizziness.

2.Artificial Fragrances – Pets are very sensitive to scents, and artificial fragrances, from scented carpet deodorizers to air fresheners, can cause many major health issues in both people and animals.

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3.Glycol Ethers – This ingredient can cause health problems in both humans and animals, including liver and kidney damage. Check your glass and carpet cleaners and spot removers for this ingredient, and stop using these products if they contain it.

4.Bleach– The thick fumes given off by bleach can be harmful to sensitive animals.

Safer Cleaning Alternatives – The Best Natural Cleaning Solutions

1.Purchase cleaning products derived from natural ingredients, and from companies that do not test on animals and use plant-based cleaning agents that are healthy for the planet, people, and pets. Many “green” companies are now available to give you a host of options, so you can pick and choose which products work best around your home.

2.Use natural cleaning agents made from ingredients you can combine yourself at home. For example, you can clean your tub and sink with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. You can also combine white vinegar and water to create an all-purpose disinfectant spray that can be used all over your home.

3.Avoid using carpet powders. In addition to vacuuming regularly, consider purchasing one of the many carpet-friendly steam mops that are available. They will disinfect your carpet naturally, and leave no chemical fragrance behind.

4.Purchase unscented or naturally scented cleaning products whenever possible to avoid the use of artificial fragrances that are toxic. Avoid air fresheners, and instead freshen your home with safe-for-pets soy candles that use natural oils. Avoid the use of artificial potpourri, which is especially harmful if a pet ingests it. Let fresh air in through open windows or turn a fan on to get air circulating as well.

5.Mop using only water and even steam, but avoid using chemical cleaners on your floors, where your pets spend most of their time, where they eat, and where they sleep.

Other Ways to Keep Your Pets Healthy

In addition to good cleaning practices, you want to make sure to feed your pets a wholesome, healthy diet, provide the safest and best dog flea treatment, and get your pet to the vet for regular check-ups or whenever he/she is showing signs of illness. If your pet sleeps on a washable pet bed, be sure to keep in cleaned, and only wash it in non-toxic cleaning solutions or laundry detergents

About the Author Jane Warren is an animal lover and freelance writer who enjoys sharing valuable information and money-savings tips with pet owners who want to help their pets live long, healthy, happy lives. In addition to caring for animals, Jane enjoys shopping online, researching new products and services, and traveling. Visit her site for more helpful information at


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