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Chakra Exercise : Sacral Chakra (2 of 7)

Welcome to Part 2 of the Chakra Exercise Series!
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If you missed last week check out Part 1 Root Chakra here. Today we will work on the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is located just below the belly button encompassing the ovaries, testes, prostate, genitals, spleen, womb and bladder.  Orange is the color and it’s all about the right to feel.  You may have a fear of not being good enough and self-sabotage habits that can be a sign of a weak or blocked sacral chakra.

Your physical exercise, butterfly pelvic rotations, will massage all the internal organs associated with the sacral chakra.

1.Sit in butterfly pose with the bottoms of the feet pressing together.  If you have a hard time sitting upright use a folded towel or blanket under your sit bones to help with the tilt of your pelvis.

2.Place your hands on shins just below your knees and extend your heart forward on an inhale.

3.Start to rotate your body toward your right knee.

4.Then pull the belly button all the way to the spine as you drop your chin to your chest and reach the back of your heart up toward the ceiling exhaling.

5.Keep rotating your body clockwise to the left knee.

6.Then extend the heart all the way forward with the inhale.

7.Repeat 26 times to the right then, resting if you need to, repeat 26 times to the left (26 times for each vertebrae).

Please remember yoga is about moving the body with the breath.  If at any time you feel discomfort or uneasy gently come out of the pose or don’t go so deep or fast.  Listen to your body and intuition.

Your mantra, ‘I am the creator in my life’.

You make choices everyday to create your reality.  It’s really easy to want to play victim and blame others.  Spouse, government, kids, employers, etc. can not make your choices for you.

You choose your reality.

You are your own creator.

When you start to become more conscious of the choices you make, you can create an amazing reality!

Choose to create a beautiful you!

Jennie Carlson

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