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Body Movin' After Babies

How old was your baby when you started working out again? And when do you find the time?
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It's been eight years of pregnancy, babies, nursing, and just keeping my head above water. Before my first child I had a gym membership, a personal trainer, and all the time in the world to workout. After my first kid, then the second, and now the third, my time to workout dwindled in a haze of full time work, a husband in school, income stress, and post partum depression.

But now it's time. My time. Time to get my body back. My baby is only three weeks old so I know I shouldn't go into a full-tilt 4 hour a day workout regime, but I'd love to start this process. I'm already walking around my neighborhood in the evenings.

Let me ask you: when do you start exercising after a baby? Are you up and at 'em within a week or two? Do you take more gentle care and not start until baby is a couple months old? How do you decide when and how much?

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And what are your secrets to fitting a workout in your busy life? I have friends who swear by awakening early, before their family, to stretch and work. I know others who have no problem with a late evening workout.

So how do you move your body after babies?



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