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Battling eczema- oatmeal bath, essential oils and other tips

Battling eczema- oatmeal bath, essential oils and other tips.
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Disclaimer: I am a doTERRA rep and the essential oils I used in this post are doTERRA essential oils. You do not have to use them. 🙂


We all hate it. The itching, the dryness, the irritation, the oozing, and even pain. Many of us have experienced or are experiencing eczema right now and it is especially sad when it happens in children. Small children have such a hard time with the itching that they can’t help but scratch scratch and scratch. This of course, leads to an even bigger flareup which can cause scabs, sores, oozing and possibly infection. My son is experiencing a pretty bad flareup on the inside of his elbows right now. I think it began itching and the hem of his short sleeve shirts hits right in that spot and irritates his skin even further so I’ve started rolling his sleeves up a couple times to avoid the fabric rubbing on skin. Anyway, these are a few things I have done to prevent and help soothe his flareups. Hopefully you will find some of them to be helpful.

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-Moisturizing: I cannot stress how important it is to keep my son moisturized. After he gets out from a bath I have to moisturize his entire body within minutes. If I wait too long the skin dries up and will not fully absorb his healing salve and then its instant itch city. I should also add that I do not give my  son daily baths. If he gets really dirty then yes I will but if he had a very uneventful day then I wipe him off and wait for another day. Utah has really hard water and this does nothing good for his skin.

-Healing salve: make some, buy some, do what it takes just get some! I make my own using my essential oils. You can find essential oils on my website right here. For the actual healing salve recipe click here! I absolutely love this stuff and I use it on little burns, cuts and scrapes, and even diaper rash.

-Diet: I’ve seen some research and read articles on how certain foods can cause or worsen eczema. I have cut out dairy from my son’s diet almost completely and even more so when he has flareups. It does seem to help my son but do your own research and ask your healthcare provider.

-Oatmeal bath: I’ve used a store bought oatmeal bath in the past and it worked great but it was pricey so I decided to make my own. It was as simple as throwing oatmeal into my blender and blending it into a fine powder. When my little guy takes his bath, I put a couple scoops into a warm bath and have him sit in it for a while. It helps to soothe the itching and it protects the skin. I also put a couple drops of Melaleuca oil in there as well for its antibacterial and skin soothing properties.

Try some of these methods out to see how they work for your family. Good luck!


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