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August Health Events in LIC/Astoria

August Health Events in LIC/Astoria
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Kid’s Storyelling

Escape the hear into a land of literacy and learning.  Experience the wonder of live storytelling.  Each child get a free book!

Registration is needed.  To register call 718-267-4333

August 10

11 AM

Family Health Associates

31-60 21st Street

Astoria, Queens New York

Caregiver Support:  Time Out for You!

Learn techniques for coping with the physical and emotional demands of being a caregiver and preventing burnout.

August 11

11 AM

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Antonio Checo is a licensed clinical social worker seeing patients at Mount Sinai Queens Family Health Associates

Raices Senior Center

21-21 30th Drive

Astoria, Queens, New York

Health Information on the Internet

Discover trusted online sources for reliable medical and health information.

Registration is needed at 718-267-4333

Jack Abuin

August 17

3 PM

Jack Abuin is Director of Information Technology at Mount Sinai Queens

Mount Sinai Queens, Administrative Annex

23-34 30th Street, Second Floor

Long Island City, Queens, New York


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March Health Events

I’ve compiled a list of local health events in Astoria, Queens, New York for the month of March.

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Winter Health Events in Astoria

First of all, I have to apologize for my readers for being MIA for a few months.

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RxHibition Lenscrafters Event

RxHibition Lenscrafters Event

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Cold and Flu Prevention

I attended a cold and flu prevention seminar on January 8 sponsored by Puffs at Appleseeds in New York City.

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Free Tasting Event at Sam’s Club

Does the warmer weather having you itching to fire up the grill and take mealtime outside?

Image placeholder title for Skin Health

So, the change in seasons brings changes in our mood, our eating habits, our workouts, our hair and our skin.

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Deals for August, if you can stand the heat!

Deals for August, if you can stand the heat!