American Heart Month

In recognition of American Heart Month, this tip of the week is from the American Heart Association.
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This Friday is Wear Read Day to raise awareness and save women’s lives from heart disease. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the U.S. Wearing red to raise awareness. Check out the American Heart Association website to learn how you can help decrease these statistics. Prevent heart disease by controlling diet, exercise, and other risk factors.

Here are some tips for prevention from the American Heart Association:

  • For physical activity, think walking, jogging, cycling or dancing with someone you love
  • For a healthy diet, think whole grains, delicious fresh fruits and more
  • For reducing stress, think of taking time for your favorite hobby or celebrating your “unbirthday” with your best friend.
  • For quitting smoking, think about saving the money you’re spending on tobacco for a fun family trip. And read about more ways to stop smoking

These simple prevention techniques help control some of the risk factors of heart disease including cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, physical activity, obesity, and diabetes.


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