Amber Jewelry for Natural Healing and Pain Relief

Is all this hype about Amber real? I have to say that I believe it is!
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Partially because my kids wear theirs every day, but mostly because there are so many moms raving about it. So much that I had to carry it in my shop because I was getting hounded for not having it (LOL not really but moms couldn’t believe I didn’t carry it). I had parents looking for it almost every day.

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So, how it works…Amber is fossilized tree resin. It comes in many different colors naturally. Baltic amber contains succinic acid which is an analgesic. When worn, it warms on the skin and releases the succinic acid and other natural oils that are absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. It helps with pain and to speed up healing times. Parents everywhere are raving about amber jewelry (necklaces in particular) because they have seen amazing results when using it for teething discomfort. They report less fussy babies and less drooling. Some parents have said that they put the necklaces on their child when they are very young and don’t notice anything extreme until they remove it then they notice their baby is more fussy and drooling a lot more. There have been reports of it helping with growing pains so I decided to keep one on my 9 yr old son and I haven’t noticed any complaining (other than his legs hurt when he’s doing chores😉I’ve had adults order them for neck pain, back pain, arthritis, etc. I have kept one on my now 3 1/2 yr old and can say that I don’t remember him ever fussing over teething. They sort of just appeared 🙂I’m a big fan of natural products. If it won’t hurt to try it, I am a guinea pig! If you’re curious, just ask some mommy friends for feedback. See if you can borrow one (make sure its not fake) and see if you can tell a difference in your child. I encourage you to take a leap into natural living. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re caring for your family with safe and healthy products!