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8 Week Slim Down Challenge

Are you looking to really change your body and health, the right way?
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Don’t know where to start or are you stuck at a plateau? SLC Fit Collective Owner and Fitness Guru, Carrie Cox is hosting an 8 Week Slim Down ChallengeSeptember 21st – November 16th.

This is not just working out or learning to eat right. It is definitely those things, but it’s getting you healthy…mind, body and soul. You will receive nutritional counseling, one-on-one support each week, you can participate in a private online forum, and every Saturday, they will be hosting a Guest Lecturer. Every week, your support will include personal training, a holistic health coach, physical therapy (if needed), chiropractic care, hormone balancing therapy and yoga! Not only will you be receiving all this care from many professionals, but you also have the chance to win $1,000! The winner of the challenge will be based on overall body transformation. This will be measured by total change in body fat percentage, total loss of overall inches and by blood work (cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar). So…anyone has the opportunity to win this money!

So exciting! Sign up for this challenge today…time is running out!

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I haven’t personally been to SLC Fit Collective, but I’ve heard so many good things about it! You pay a monthly fee and can go to all the fitness classes you want and can fit into your month! That is my kind of place.

It’s important to feel like you have options when deciding how you are going to get into shape, or work to stay in shape…health and fitness are so important. This can get you on the path to the body and health that you want and deserve!

Happy Fitness!


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