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7 Reasons Trampolines Aren’t Just for Kids

I have some fantastic news for all of your busy people out there.
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That big black toy you have in your backyard? It’s a fantastic way to get a quick work-out in.

“A study by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) found that trampolining for 10 minutes is 68 percent more effective for the cardiovascular system than 30 minutes of running or jogging. For astronauts, it is the best way for them to rebuild bone tissue after spending time in space. Because your legs are used to control your jump and maintain your balance, even smaller movements are working to strengthen your leg muscles as you jump up and down.”

Discovering trampoline work-outs has been a life-saver for me and my busy schedule and I am so excited to share all of the benefits with you:

  1. It’s in the privacy of your backyard. No witnesses. No dragging your children to the gym daycare (and paying for the gym daycare). The backyard is close enough you don’t have to work hard to get out there, but far enough away from the noise of the house needing to be cleaned, the bills needing to be paid and general chaos of trying to workout at home.
  2. It’s outdoors. What is better than getting some fresh air when you work-out? In a number of recent studies, the volunteers asked to exercise outdoors vs inside reported enjoying the outside activity more and, on subsequent psychological tests, scored significantly higher on measures of vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure and self-esteem and lower on tension, depression and fatigue after they walked outside.
  3. It’s better for you than running or jogging but provides a similar cardiovascular work-out. Trampolines absorb the majority of the impact on your joints as you bounce. Pressure is much more evenly distributed across your body than running where ankles take the brunt of the impact. Switching to trampolines can greatly reduce injuries common with running or jogging. Bouncing allows your endurance levels and your muscles to strengthen through progressive improvement with equal force distribution.
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4.You don’t need any special equipment (other than the trampoline itself), and maybe a good sports bra.

5.It’s super good for your lymphatic system. Rebounding can lead to increased lymph fluid circulation, which helpsboost the immune systemby providing a greater white blood cell activity. This particular change occurs upon the moment you land on the trampoline, thanks to gravity. Then, upon leaving the surface, the lymphatic valves are opened. The increased G-force g that occurs when you land causes a surge of lymphatic drainage, which improves circulation and, therefore, may help detoxify your entire system.

6.It improves balance. Upon studying 74 independent elderly women it was discovered that those participating in a trampoline work-out significantly increased their postural balance in 12 weeks.

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7.It builds strength. Because of the gravity changes taking place while jumping, more oxygen is able to reach your cells, meaning you work-out more efficiently and can work-out longer. Jumping also requires many of the muscle groups of the body and tones all of the control muscles in a way that many work-outs can’t. Your brain has to participate more to guide your weight transfers with the bounce, which helps keep the communication strong between the brain and body. Increased blood flow and brain integration are two major perks to working-out on a trampoline.

Now that you’re sold on bouncing your way fit, I’m sure you’d like to see some specific work-outs? A quick search on Pinterest provided me with many more than I expectedand I found a few favorites:

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Jump your way fit from the Fit Bottomed Girls

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10 Minute Trampoline Work-out from

Even WebMD has a trampoline work-out posted!

Let us know what you think!


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